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KORPG’s RPG Players’ Bill of Right?

Tweet Mark at posted what seems at first blush to be a short, witty Player’s Bill of Rights, which consists of just one right (to paraphrase): you have the right to get up and leave. I chuckled at first, but then I thought, “that might be one of those passive-aggressive posts.” Maybe he had an argument with one of his players. Maybe someone complained about the game. Maybe he got bent out of shape. Who knows? Maybe he was just being witty. Maybe it’s a GM with a god complex. However, it sounds an awful lot like “STFU or GTFO.” Well that, I cannot abide. Players should absolutely have the right to voice their opinion and give both critical and positive feedback on a game. The GM doesn’t get to determine when the … Read entire article »

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Jonny Nexus, you are my hero!

Tweet If you’ve been around the RPG hobby for a little bit, you might remember Critical Miss, the Magazine for Dysfunctional Roleplayers. It hasn’t been updated in years, but it was one of the funniest and truly irreverent sites on the RPG hobby to ever grace the interwebs. The mastermind behind Critical Miss was one Jonny Nexus. In 2007, he penned Game Night. Game Night details the adventures of a party of heroes, as role-played by bad roleplayers. I’m only through about one-quarter of the book, but so far, I’ve caught myself laughing out loud several times. A full review will be offered once I’ve finished reading. … Read entire article »

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WTF, Gencon?!?

Tweet All the sandy vaginas over at must have their labias all a flutter at the news that Gencon has caved to their hyper-sensitive kerfuffle about the Gencon SPA logo. What a surprise: the stupidest common denominator got their way — again. Here’s the link to the horseshit contest they’re having to replace their ball-and-chain logo with something that will no doubt be politically correct, non-offensive and humorless. I detest humorless fucks. I really do. And I can’t stand people who so desperately want to be oppressed, yet aren’t, that that seek out affronts to other groups so they can be offended for them. I can only hope that those of us who like a little humor in our lives can outvote the cretins who want the world antiseptic and boring. We could nominate … Read entire article »

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You are NOT a fucking god!

Tweet Ever since the DMG, with its illustration of a DM holding the strings of a PC marionette, RPG publisher have alluded to the deification of the dungeon master, there’s been a group of DMs (and players) who seem to take this literally. We’ve seen these guys. We’ve certainly overheard them at game cons. Maybe we’ve played with these guys. Hell, maybe we used to BE these guys. I can understand the allure of semi-deification — you finally get to have absolute control over something, other than what’s in your pants. And some, I suppose, become a little drunk with power, like a frat-boy taking his first beer bong. “I am the master of my universe!” they claim. Then the players show up. Suddenly Orville the Omniscient can’t figure out why he didn’t anticipate … Read entire article »

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What is an RPG (reprint)

Tweet A pointless exercise in definition by Stu. (reprinted from For those unfamiliar, RPGs, or Role-Playing Games, are are games where each player takes the role of a character. One player, called the Gamemaster (or GM), takes the role of storyteller and referee. The GM provides storylines, portrays supporting characters and antagonists. A system of rules (called game mechanics) determin the players abilities, as well as the abilities of the antagonists. The game mechanics are used to resolve these conflicts. To an experienced RPGer, I would use the following definition to describe my philosophy about the hobby: “A role-playing game is an unbalanced, yet cooperative, form of improvisational storytelling, using agreed-upon game mechanics to express challenges and conflicts and to move the … Read entire article »

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