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Happy Jacks Interviews: Hero System and GURPS

Tweet We’ve now finished two interviews with some luminaries of the RPG hobby. Our first interview was with Steven S. Long from Hero Games (Hero System). Our second interview was with Steve Jackson, Sean Punch, Jason Levine and Phil Reed of Steve Jackson Games (GURPS, Munchkin, Zombie Dice, etc.). It was a little surreal to be able to actually talk to these guys. I’ve been playing GURPS since the mid-80s and Hero since the early 90s, and I’ve logged far more hours of enjoyment than I can count with these systems. I specifically didn’t ask them to compare and contrast Hero and GURPS for a few reasons. Firstly, I didn’t want to put any of them in the position to disparage another company’s product — and it’s difficult to answer a question like that without … Read entire article »

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Savage Worlds: System Evaluation

Tweet We’ve had some talk about GURPS and about D&D 4e here recently so I thought I would take a moment and talk for a bit about Savage Worlds. Before I even start, this is an unabashed attempt to convince more people to play Savage Worlds. That said, I’m not going to shy away from what I see as being a couple of negative aspects of the game. Fair being fair and all. To that end, I’m going to break this down into four sections. A description of the game system Positive aspects of the game system Negative aspects of the game system Conclusions and suggestions A Description of the Savage Worlds game system Savage Worlds is a generic game system designed with a couple of fundamental precepts in mind. First, that it will be easy, … Read entire article »

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Orccon 2011 Preview: Con Games!

Tweet I’m running two games at Orccon and co-GMing one with Bill Roper. To date, I’ve play-tested my two games. The first was  a GURPS-Fantasy game and the other was a Hero System-Pulp game. Both games went well, but the Hero game went especially well — the players definitely had a blast, as did I. The game certainly had some problems — some of the pre-gens were out-of-balance, one of the combats was less than climactic. But that’s why you play-test. Every time I prep and run (or playtest) a con game, I learn more about the art of creating a good con game, so I’d like to share some things I’ve learned this time around: 1. Play-testing is Important. And if you’re unfamiliar with the system, it’s critical. Since I hadn’t run a Hero System … Read entire article »

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Hero System Game Prep

Tweet As I’ve stated on the show, I just finished preparing a one-shot adventure for Orccon 2011 in February. The adventure is called “Big Blue Monkeys From Outerspace!” I designed six pre-generated PCs and about five NPCs/Villains/Monsters. Additionally, Bill and I are going to run a Champions game at the con as well. This will involve even more game prep. I’ve organized a few things that have made my life easier as I’m preparing for the con. Use Hero Designer Hero Designer is the official character maker for the Hero System. It allows users to make characters in both Hero System 5th Edition and the new 6th Edition rules. It makes (relatively) short work of Hero’s famously flexible chargen system. Point totals are updated automatically as you change stats, add skills and powers, talents, … Read entire article »

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Handling the Non-Role-Player

Tweet Note: This is a response I wrote on the Happy Jack’s forum to a listener who was having trouble getting a new player to role-play during the game. He described his efforts (some of which were monumental) to get the player to join in — but no success. I suggested three possibilities as to why. Here they are. He’s not there to role-play My wife flatly refuses to play with us any more. She played in the very first DnD4e session I ran and had fun doing it. Since then, she’s decided she isn’t a role-player. She wants to solve puzzles and kill monsters, a la old-school D&D. That’s they way she played back in the day, and she’s not interested in taking on a persona, engaging in RP … Read entire article »

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