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Orccon 2011 – Post Con Wrap-up.

Tweet Orccon 2011 While there’s still almost an entire day of Orccon 2011 left, alas, I had to head home. WHAT I great time. It differed a lot for Gateway 2010 (the last convention we attended) in several ways. Firstly, I was very careful to make sure my schedule wasn’t too busy at Gateway — I only ran one game and then we recorded the podcast at 8pm on Saturday. This did give me a lot of free time to visit with people, meet listeners to the show, check out the exhibitor hall, eat, drink, be merry, etc. At this most recent con, I threw caution to the wind. I ran two games on Saturday, did the podcast Saturday night and ran a third game with my good friend Bill Roper on Sunday. A … Read entire article »

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JiB on Character Creation

Tweet There are as many ways to approach creating a character as there are people to create them. None of them are intrinsically better or worse than any other though some work better for one player or another, or for one sort of game or another. What follows is an example of how I create a player character. This example is my current character in my Wednesday night Pathfinder game. The concept – Everything hinges on the concept of the character as a literary construct. At this point I am largely disinterested in game mechanics other than to know whether the sort of character I want to do can be done within the rules of the game we’re playing and/or within the limits established by the GM. NOTE: Sometimes the concept grows out of an idea that comes from something in the rules. That … Read entire article »

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Hero System 6th Supplements

Tweet I’ve talked at length about the flexibility of the Hero System. Steven S. Long even described Hero’s flexibility as one of the system’s major strengths. He described how you can use the system to literally design your own magic system for your campaign. We’ve also talked on the podcast about how you can design nearly any character concept you like. But there is a price to pay for this kind of flexibility. A GM who begins designing a campaign is faced with a daunting amount of work. Whether it’s designing villain NPCs, creating a framework for a magic system, designing weapons or creating monsters, the GM is look at many many hours of work. After all, the Hero 6th core books are a framework, not a setting. The onus forĀ  setting design … Read entire article »

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RPG’s vs MMO’s

Tweet I was listening to the Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast season 4 episode 16 and the talk about the email from Gammonstark. In particular the topic of players not responding to plot hooks and not role playing but rather roll playing. First off let me say that I come from the dim and distant antiquity of gaming when computers were a novelty and an expensive one at that. So to say that I am an old school gamer is not at all a stretch. That said, this topic is not new. We have been weighing the merits of role vs roll playing since the early days, and I expect we will as long as there are people playing role playing games in any form. I want to take a moment to talk … Read entire article »

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Learning From the Battlestar Galactica Series Bible

Tweet I discovered that the Battlestar Galactica Series Bible is available on the net (after reading about it in If you’re a fan of the re-imagined series, you’ll find it interesting. It contains a lot of insight into the show, how they approached the characterizations and shot it. RPG Related Specifically for the RPG-minded, the series bible provides a little insight into how the pros create a world, structure story lines and develop characters. Multiple Story Arcs Starting on Page 30 is the chapter on storylines. According to the text, they used a modified version of the three-tiered story structure used in Hill Street Blues: Series Arcs Multi-Episodic Arcs Stand Alone Arcs. This may look a bit familiar to those of you who’ve developed store lines for campaigns. When designing campaigns, we generally have a campaign-spanning story arc (the … Read entire article »

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