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DnD4e to GURPS: some on-line resources.

Tweet I’m reworking my fantasy campaign, called Eldemy, for GURPS. The game started in DnD 4th Edition. One of the stumbling blocks I’ve encountered is the lack of a Monster Manual-type product for GURPS. DnD4E has three volumes of monsters (at last count), and since the next part of my campaign happens in an area very similar to DnD’s Elemental Chaos, I need a lot of strange creatures to populate my new plane. Some of you might say, “just make the monsters you need. It’s GURPS — you can do anything.” Yes, I could make all of my monsters, and were I younger with more time, I would do just that (and relish the opportunity). But with time constraints being what they are, I rather not recreate what someone else has already created … Read entire article »

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The Evolution of a GM part 3: Why I Game

Tweet Ok, so up until now we’ve learned a little bit about my gaming background and learned my first two rules of gamemastering. To refresh your memories those rules are: You will make mistakes, you just have to learn from them; and never accept the way things are. Now I guess it’s time to learn what I see gaming as, and show you how that has affected the way I run a game as well. Way back in October of last year Adam Pinilla of the Podgecast put out the call for audio clips that he wanted to put together for episode 109 of their show. The episode was entitled “Why we game” and featured many people, including myself, discussing why it is that they game in the … Read entire article »

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Game Ideas for Gamex2011

Tweet I’m planning on running either one or two games on Sunday (May 29th) of Gamex2011, and I’m having trouble deciding which to work on. Here are my choices: GURPS Fantasy Dungeon Crawl with a party of modern-day Special Ops soldiers. A Hero System Comedic Super Hero adventure set in modern-day Los Angeles. A Hero System sequel to “Big Blue Monkeys From Outer Space” — pre-WWII pulp space setting. GURPS Fantasy — a rescue mission to the depths of Chaos, battling demons, elementals, etc. So my question is this: if you were looking to sign up for a game at a convention, which of the following would you want to sign up for? … Read entire article »

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Wild Talents

Tweet Hello fellow gamer geeks! Welcome to the first installment of Kimi’s Korner (WINNER!)… just kidding. I won’t be calling it that. Damn you Charlie Sheen for ruining that great alliteration. If anyone has any catchy title ideas for my posts, let me know. For those of you just joining us (or who don’t listen to the Happy Jacks RPG Podcast… losers), I’m Kimi. I’m a real life geek and gamer girl who loves RPGs. At OrcCon, The Amazing Fray™ (also known as Fray) and I ran a new-to-the-Happy-Jacks-crew system called Wild Talents. It is a system specifically designed as a superhero RPG. Arc Dream Publishing released it in December of 2006. This is my n00b friendly review of that system. I’ll be breaking the game down into four basic categories and then … Read entire article »

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Savage Worlds Primer by JiB

Tweet JiB’s Savage Worlds Primer – The basics of playing Savage Worlds What follows is the most basic of information necessary for a player in a savage game. I’m going to break it down into the following sections. Basics Aces Raises Wild Dice About Characters Traits Skills Combat Initiative / Actions Movement Attacking / Damage Magic and other Strangeness Character Status – Shaken / Wounds Simplicity is the primary objective Basics Pretty much everything in Savage Worlds is based around a die type. The higher the die type the better one’s chance of success at anything. Concepts that the player must be familiar with. Aces An ace occurs any time a die roll results in the highest number possible for that die. On an ace the die is rolled again and the results added together. Aces are open ended and continue as long as the highest value on the … Read entire article »

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