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Edition War: Good for the Hobby

Tweet The Pre-OGL World It’s the 1980s. There are hundreds of table-top role-playing games, but one stands above all others: Dungeons and Dragons. DnD has a sales market share of perhaps 60% — maybe more. How many people play DnD compared to other RPGs? No one can say for sure, but looking at the average convention game list, it seems pretty clear that DnD books sit on the majority of gaming tables. Not only does TSR hold the fate of the hobby in they hands, they’ve got the hobby by the balls. Why? If someone decides to try out this strange RPG hobby, they are very likely to try DnD — even more so if they don’t know any other role-players. When we describe our hobby to people, it usually ends with … Read entire article »

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Guido on Gaming: Gaming Paper’s Mega Dungeon I

Tweet This time on Gaming with Guido I’d like to do my first real review. I’m reviewing two things today as a matter of fact. The first item on the agenda is Loot! If you’re unfamiliar with the site, basically its a gaming version of something like Ed Healy of has used his influence to negotiate with various game publishers for a discounted price on their products. Each weekday they post one of these items on the site for a significant discount. I purchased the miniatures game Iron Tyrants from them for about fifteen dollars less than its standard price. There have been lots of others listed as well. Loot is a resource that cannot be passed up. On … Read entire article »

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Guido on Gaming: Dice!!

Tweet Take a minute to think about a gaming table. Imagine everything you would expect to see on that table. Surely you are imagining things like character sheets, books, pencils, maybe a GM screen, possibly even miniatures. Without a doubt you are also imagining one of my favorite gaming things in the world, dice. Dice! I can honestly say that I love dice with an unhealthy passion. I own three different dicebags stuffed with hundreds of dice. And I’m not satisfied I want more! As I mentioned in my previous article, I was sitting at my new local gaming store Gateway Games and More, and I was helping them to unpack some product. One of the things I unpacked was a veritable horde of … Read entire article »

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Guido on Gaming: How your FLGS affects your gaming.

Tweet Hello all, SirGuido back here again. I’ve been absent from for a little bit here lately and I apologize for that, but I’ve been working on losing some weight here lately. As such I started my own blog over at Its sort of a gamer’s take on dieting and losing weight from a very obese person’s(mine) point of view. Check it out if it interests you. Anyway, on to my topic. This past Monday I had the opportunity to help out some new friends of mine. They are opening a new game store in my area called Gateway Games and More. I was there to help them unpack a bunch of new product, get it checked in, and get it put away. … Read entire article »

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JiB on GM’ing 8: Game Systems Really Don’t Matter

Tweet Ok, before everyone goes up in flames. I’m not disagreeing with Tappy’s premise that the game system flavors the play. Quite the contrary, I agree totally that it does. That is not the point of this JiB on GM’ing article, but I’ll get to the point momentarily. I just wanted to make sure and get that out front before I started.   I’ve been talking with a number of gm’s across different game systems lately including, Hero, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, D&D 4e and L5r in particular, but not exclusively and with all the talk about game systems and the various mechanics and implementations I’ve come to an interesting conclusion, the game system doesn’t really matter. Or let me rephrase, it’s not the game system that is important.   We talk a great deal about … Read entire article »

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