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Review: Masks of Nyarlathotep

Tweet After reading an excellent article about mystery adventure design, wherein the author credits Masks of Nyarlathotep for giving him the idea for the article, I decided to pick up the 2010 re-release of this adventure. While I haven’t read the adventure cover-to-cover yet — Masks of Nyarlathotep being nearly 250 pages in length is a campaign rather than an adventure — I have been absolutely impressed with what I’ve found. It begins with a narrative about an evil plot — a timeline of what will happen IF no one intervenes. This gives the GM an ongoing timeline of events that can or will happen during the course of the campaign. (I’m really trying not to talk about the details of the adventure so as not to spoil it.) Subsequent chapters detail the various locations where … Read entire article »

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Campaign Organization – Obsidian Portal Part 2

Tweet As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been using Obsidian Portal to organize my current Fantasy Hero campaign. I finally ran the first session of this game last weekend, and I’ve done all of the prep for this game on Obsidian Portal. Since the campaign is now in motion and I’ve had almost two months working with the service, I have more to say about it. I also upgraded my account to an “Ascendant” account, which provides more functionality. The Learning Curve Obsidian Portal uses its own markup language. It’s a little easier to pick up than HTML and the markup codes soon became intuitive and no longer slowed me down while writing. I found a handy drop down menu that lists your existing articles, which makes it much easier to link to … Read entire article »

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Less is more. A suggestion on better GM’ing

Tweet One of the biggest stresses a GM has to put up with is coming up with a game plot that will intrigue their players and be fun to play at the same time. Some GM’s will spend hour upon hour coming up with plot points, enemies, potential twists and etc. It can become even more stressful for these GM’s when they’re players don’t take the path that the GM has planned out for them and has to scramble to get them “back on track.” This sort of thought process can lead very easily to railroading which in turn can annoy and bother players to the point of no longer wanting to play the game, or even going so far as to ruin the GM’s plot line all … Read entire article »

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