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GURPS – Traveller – Interstellar Wars

Tweet I picked up GURPS Traveller Interstellar Wars on used. ┬áLike many 4th edition GURPS setting resources, this title is out of print, but it is available as a pdf. I’ve been a fan of the Traveller setting ever since the Journal of the Travellers’ Aide Society began publishing. Back in the old days, it was all about the Spinward Marches — the backwater frontier of the Third Imperium. Capital was more than a year’s worth of jumps away, local government was often corrupt, opportunities to turn a quick credit were everywhere. The chance for political intrigue was there as well: the Zhodani Consulate extended into the Spinward Marches, and then there were the mysterious Darians. GURPS-Travellers-Interstellar Wars winds the clock back to the days of the First Imperium — the Vilani Imperium, … Read entire article »

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