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Gateway 2011 Pre-Convention Post

Tweet The start of Gateway 2011 is four short days away. If you’re unfamiliar with Southern California/Los Angeles game conventions, we are fortunate enough to have three: Gateway, Orccon and Gamex. All three are presented by Strategicon, and they are all hosted most recently at the Sheraton Gateway hotel near LAX. I’m running three games for this convention. I LOVE prepping new games. I tend to suffer a bit from Gamemaster ADD, so having the opportunity to prep something fresh and new is exciting. Three games, however, is a bit much. I like making maps, coming up with NPCs, coming up with plot hooks, etc. I rather it not consume so much of my free time, though. Next convention, I’ll run two games, but perhaps run one of them twice. It would be interesting to contrast … Read entire article »

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Four Alternatives to the “Random Encounter”

Tweet I don’t like random combat encounters. I prefer fights to have some context in the story. That context may be as little as, “the party’s in a bad part of town, so some street thugs are going to try to shake them down to illustrate this.” But sometimes those street thugs are working for the big bad guy. If I feel I need a combat encounter, to bring tension or excitement to a session, I look for more story-specific reason for the combat, rather than a wandering monster. Let some skeletons out of the PCs’ closets. If you’re players behave like mine, they’re borderline criminals. They’ve probably run roughshod over more than one NPC. Maybe they killed someone, maybe they beat someone up, maybe they stole from someone. In the context of a living, breathing … Read entire article »

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Savage Worlds Deluxe — First Impressions

Tweet Savage Worlds Deluxe I picked up a physical copy of Savage Worlds Deluxe from my FLGS. In case you haven’t heard of it, Savage Worlds is a universal or generic role-playing game system. It’s strengths are its simplicity of character generation and game prep. While the pdf for the deluxe edition has been available for some time, the long-anticipated book is just now making it to stores out here in the more  remote parts of the world. There are a few changes from the Explorer’s Edition that I’d like to touch on that I’ve noticed thus far: No More Guts Skill! Huzzah!  The Guts skill is now an optional rule. If the players need to keep their cool in a horrific situation, they make a spirit roll now. The inclusion of both seemed redundant to me. New Chase … Read entire article »

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Some Thoughts on Con Game Prep

Tweet I’m running three games at our next local convention, Gateway 2011. Big Red Planet Hollywood — Savage Worlds. This adventure takes place in a highly unscientific setting in “Space!” The party plays a mixed crew (1/2 American, 1/2 British) aboard the Corazon del Oro in a pre-WWII alternate history. Ghostbusters: Los Angeles — Savage Worlds. This is a sequel to a one-shot I ran a year or so ago. There’s a recording of the original session available (warning: it is unedited, very long and has many interruptions). The game takes place in modern day Southern California. The Tulupian Avian: GURPS Traveller (4th ed.). A GURPS game set in the Traveller setting. Because of scheduling, I won’t be able to playtest any of these games, so I’m relying on experience and extenders and delayers. There are … Read entire article »

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Spread the word.

Tweet I had the opportunity to call into the recent live streaming episode of Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast and talk about something I was able to be a part of locally. I talked about Ed Healy and his new Gamerati Tour. Ed is all about supporting local gaming and actual brick and mortar game stores. He is like most of us, he just plain loves to game, and he wants to do whatever it takes to keep it going. By supporting your local store, you are in actuality supporting gaming in general. If your local store disappears, so does gaming. If you have nowhere to go to experience new games and styles of gaming, then the games will slowly fade away. Not to mention … Read entire article »

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