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Guido on Gaming: My take on organized play.

Tweet I have always been one to want a lot out of gaming. I love to roleplay. One of my favorite parts about the whole thing is getting to pretend to be someone else for a while and forget about my own life and its problems for a few hours. For the last seven or so years I have been stuck behind the GM screen. Now, don’t get me wrong I enjoy running games, I really do. It just doesn’t give me the same feeling as playing does though. I wanted a chance to play again, but I couldn’t find a game that could suit my needs. Either I couldn’t find another game to join, or they were playing … Read entire article »

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Mongoose Traveller Character Generation

Tweet Even young gamers remember the original Traveller character generations system — the one where your character could die before the game even started. I personally didn’t mind the death result, it gave character generation a real push-your-luck mechanic. The new Mongoose system has softened this mechanic — the chance of pre-game death is gone, but your character can get seriously maimed. We did character generation for the Traveller game I’m planning on running, and I’m almost overwhelmed with tidbits of character back story.   How Char Gen Works For those who haven’t played the game, here’s how MGT chargen works: Roll 2d6 six times and assign these numbers to your six stats. Determine which career you want and attempt to qualify. Once you’re in a career you roll ever term (4 years) to gain skills, etc. You also roll … Read entire article »

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The NPC as a Crutch

Tweet I’d like to expand a little bit about the concept of the wise old man,  or the patron, or the the informant NPC. We discussed this on the most recent episode of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast. Some of this information will reiterate what we discussed on the show, some won’t. NPCs are a damn good way to convey information to the party — sometimes the information is given freely, sometimes it’s paid-for and sometimes it taken forcefully. When these NPCs have made more than one or two appearances and provided  useful information, I think there’s a tendency for players to seek these NPCs out when they come to a dead end or are otherwise need info. The Good Side This tendency to come back to previously useful sources of information has its uses. In situation … Read entire article »

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Breaking Up

Tweet I’m in the middle of a break up right now. No, my wife is NOT going to be on the market, so stay back! It’s a gaming break up. I run a fantasy game that I laughably describe as biweekly. It’s started almost three years ago now, in 4th Edition DnD. I’m now running it in GURPS. The problem is, there have been too many players, anywhere from 8 or 9 regulars to 11 or 12 when everyone shows up. Nearly everyone has mentioned to me that there are too many people in the game, but very few have willingly removed themselves from the game. During our last session — about a month ago — we had a combat — in GURPS, mind you — that lasted three hours. That’s right, deadly GURPS … Read entire article »

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JiB on GM’ing: Managing Fear

Tweet I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Gina Ricker who kept me sane through the couple of weeks leading up to Gateway. Her insights and thoughtful comments helped me get my games ready to play, and her support and confidence kept me moving when my own fear and doubt might well have scuttled my games. “Thank you,” will never be enough to show you what it means to me G. JiB   I had several conversations with different gm’s at Gateway and I kept hearing a common theme. It was a theme that had been going through my head for weeks. It centers around fear, fear that we won’t finish, fear that nobody will want to play, fear that the game will suck and the players will hate it. These fears … Read entire article »

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