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Schrodingers Gaming Table

Tweet The Escapist blog had a brief article about an interview with Shelly Mazzanoble, author of Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Dungeons and Dragons.  He quoted a snippet of one of her answers, I remember taking this psychology class in college and learning that you should watch how people are with waiters and in traffic because that is a good indication of their “human shadow”—the part of ourselves we try to hide from everyone. I think D&D is probably the best telltale for that. (you can read the entire interview here) I know what you’re thinking, ’cause I’m thinking the same thing myself: “Holy fuck! All my friends are soulless psychopathic murderers!” Nah, probably not  all of them. But it does make me wonder if there’s some theoretical exercise, a sort of Schrodinger’s Gaming … Read entire article »

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Thoughts on Gateway Con 2011 – Post Game Reflections

Tweet Stu and I apparently had the same idea which was to publish our reflections on the games we ran. Cool.   General Thoughts Running three very different games in three very different systems is really more than I should probably do. I say this not because I disliked running the games, but because the sheer volume of game prep may have left me feeling less prepared or at least more pressed than I normally want to feel when I’m running a game. I am Mr. Overprepare when it comes to setting up games. I like to have more information than I will ever possibly need and I don’t think I was there this time.   What goes into game prep?   Synopsis of the game Outline of the game Scene list for the game Additional information about the people, places … Read entire article »

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Possible Games for Orccon 2012

Tweet With Gateway 2011 behind us, I’ve started thinking about games for Orccon 2012 in February. Because of my work schedule, I don’t think I can run three game, but I can definitely swing two. Here are my ideas, I’d love to hear feedback from readers about which games you’d be interested in playing. Tales of the Corazon del Oro: Spider Nazis on Mars System: Savage Worlds. Setting: a custom pulp/sci fi setting where physics are thrown out the window and adventure abounds. Synopsis: The part British/part American crew of the Corazon del Oro has been sent to infiltrate a German colony on Mars. Informants say there’s a secret weapon being developed in the idyllic neo-Bavarian hamlet. Can the crew discover this secret weapon? Can the crew sabotage it? Can the crew speak German? F-Troop: The Shadow Over … Read entire article »

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Post Gateway 2011: thoughts on my games

Tweet With Gateway 2011 behind us, I now have some breathing room to reflect on the games and the prep. I ran three games at Gateway, Ghostbusters LA vs. the Flying Spaghetti Monster; Big Red Planet Hollywood; The Tulupian Avian. I’ll detail each game separately. The Tulupian Avian System: GURPS (in the Traveller setting) Synopsis to the players: An artifact of Ancient manufacture has been discovered on Forine. The object was supposed to be bequeathed to a museum on Grote, but the chancellor of Forine has had a change of heart. The party is the crew of a merchant trader that has been hired by the local duke to take him to Forine where he will try to smooth over relations and gain possession of the artifact (with the understanding that the artifact WILL leave when the … Read entire article »

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Ghostbusters vs. the Flying Spaghetti Monster game notes.

Tweet It’s Sunday morning of Gateway 2011 as I write this. I’m prepping for my last game of the con: a GURPS Traveller game. The two games I ran yesterday went very well. I got many especially kind compliments from my players in the Ghostbusters game. The game ran just on time, and the players unraveled the mystery as just the right moment — I FINALLY put in the right amount of clues at the right time for the big secret to be neither too obvious or unsolvable. In the past, I’ve had several players and listeners ask me to publish my game notes. Often they are gone, deleted and forgotten by the time I’m asked. I’ve decided to post them before anyone asks. Below is a link to a pdf of the … Read entire article »

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