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Encounter Design

Tweet I”ve started working on my two Savage Worlds games for Orccon 2012. Since one of the games is going to be in a fantasy setting (the game’s called “The Hall of the Munchkin King”), I’ve been thumbing through the Fantasy companion for ideas and inspiration. While flipping through the monsters in the back of the book, there was a little paragraph about encounter design, balance, etc. I can’t remember it exactly, but the gist was “forget balance. Make the encounter that makes sense for the story. If it’s too difficult, the players will have to come up with another plan.” Halle-frikkin-lujah! Let me back up a bit and talk about immersion. Immersion is the brass ring of RPGs. GMs always (or should) strive to give their players immersion into their character and the … Read entire article »

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Convention Game Ideas

Tweet While perusing through my brain for idea for the upcoming Orccon 2012, I came up with a couple of interesting ideas for one-shot games. Ghostbusters: Terror at the Tournament of Roses! Synopsis: This is the second installment of my Ghostbusters – Los Angeles game. It takes place on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, in the city known for the worlds worst traffic for those two days: Pasadena. In this adventure, our trusty and dysfunctional, borderline unemployable, Ghostbusters find themselves steeped in a mystery of a 100-year-old haunting of Colorado Boulevard, a mysterious cult with a Rose Parade float and a busybody psychic. System: Savage Worlds Deluxe. For 6 players. This game is already submitted. Savage Worlds: Fantasy Synopsis: Not a synopsis, really … more of an explanation. We’ve had some difficulty running Savage Worlds in a … Read entire article »

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