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For Your GM Screen Part 1

Tweet I started working on a joke GM screen a while back. I stumbled upon the files tucked away in a folder. Here is one of the panels. I present: 2d6 Responses to Rules Lawyers Roll Result 2 “It’s in the errata. I don’t have it printed out, but I have the .pdf on my thumbdrive. I’ll show it to you after the game.” 3 “Nope. We house-ruled that a couple weeks ago. You don’t remember that? You know what? I don’t think you were there for that session!” 4 “Get out.” 5 “I’m pretty sure that if you pick up that rulebook and read that paragraph again, I’ll kick your ass.” 6 “You realize that after this session, half the players are going to email me and ask me to kick out of of the game, right?” 7 “STFU.” 8 “The problem here is that we … Read entire article »

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RPG Scenes

Tweet As some of you may know, Douchey DM, Happy Jacks RPG Podcast, and the Poxy Boggards are all ramrodded by the same guy — me. While I’ve built time in my weekly schedule to record the podcast, everything else has taken a hit. With St. Patrick’s day (aka Drizztmas Eve) just two months away, I’m busily working on recording CDs for my band and another band, the Belles of Bedlam. But I am getting some RPG related stuff done. My first priority, of course, is preparing for my games at Orccon 2012. But I realized that much of that prep time I don’t even count as prep time as it’s brainstorming — thinking about the game, rather than sitting down with a notepad or laptop and writing stuff down. I’ve mentioned before … Read entire article »

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