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Dice Cheats

Tweet Ever had this happen in one of your games? You’re going along, enjoying a game, and somebody is asked to make a roll. They roll their dice, give a “Yes! Made it!” and almost before the dice stop rolling they immediately scoop those dice up before anyone else can get a look. This person just cheated. I don’t understand why. What is the point of cheating at a game? Especially in a role playing game, but really, why cheat at any game? Let me tell you a secret most people have already figured out: winning by cheating isn’t winning. It’s just plain cheating. And it makes you an asshole. In my last Cthulhu campaign, there was a guy who had these very dark colored dice that I think used to have white paint in … Read entire article »

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I’m Not A Gamer

Tweet Recently while listening to Happy Jacks (S8E4 to be precise) the term “gamer” was brought up. It stirred some thoughts I’ve been feeling about that particular word for a few years now. I think it’s time for it to go. When you say you’re a gamer in this day and age, most people think you play video games. Thanks to the rise of online multiplayer games, they also think you’re a racist homophobe with nothing better to do with your time. I abhor the term gamer because of this and I never use it in reference to myself. You want to know what it’s like to deal with a “gamer”? Go play a competitive multiplayer game online. When I play online with people I don’t know, I no longer wear … Read entire article »

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I Over Prep?

Tweet Never Unprepared is a concise guide to game prep. For those unfamiliar with (or overwhelmed by) brainstorming and the critical steps beyond just coming up with ideas, this book would be a valuable resource. I personally think I’ve pretty much got the whole game prep thing down. I’ve been doing it for almost 35 years, and I’ve made enough mistakes along the way that I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons. What this book made me realize is that I am very likely over-preparing for my games. “Too much prep?” Yup. Too much. I generally write out my scenes as if someone else was going to GM the game. I sometimes do this with an eye of publishing the adventure some day, but I’ve gotten into the habit of doing it all the time. For … Read entire article »

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Review of TPK Games’s The Ship of Fools

Tweet A word on my reviews. I won’t give out any major spoilers nor a whole lot of specific information. I prefer a bit of general information and some thoughts on the difficulty and flavor. Telling me “the end boss is hard” isn’t helpful. Telling me the module “could have a high mortality rate for unseasoned players” gives me what I need to judge it for my group. Also, it doesn’t give away any secrets for curious PCs. This time I’m going to review TPK Games’s The Ship of Fools. This is a Pathfinder Compatible Adventure for 4-6 players of 5th-7th level. Story: It’s a basic setup: your players are on a ship and come across a derelict ship in the ocean. Five hooks, each with their own (surprisingly) detailed paragraph, are provided to … Read entire article »

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Balancing Your Gaming World

Tweet One of the first things I learned with my old gaming group was the concept of party and game balance. We were playing Hero System and with that system in particular it’s easy to min/max your characters to the extreme. What my old friends taught me was a) have a balance in mind for the world  b)have a hand in the character creation process and c) no character gets in the game without GM approval. Have a hand in character creation: This is one of the parts I find most fun about character creation. I like to sit down with my player and say, “OK! Who is this guy? What does he do? Where did he come from? Why is he adventuring? Does he have any family?” You get down to the … Read entire article »

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