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A Study in Pre-Game Collaboration

Tweet So the first session of my Google+ GURPS Fantasy game just ended. We played for about two hours, had a couple of crashing and glitches, but all-in-all it was a fun session. My preparation for this game started long ago with some world building. Most of it was big picture stuff: What’s the religion like? How does magic fit in? What are the large-scale conflicts in the world? I also wrote up a few short adventure hooks. When I wrote them, I didn’t even have players, so they were very general, and mostly they were ways I could introduce prominent people and places within the world to the party. Well, I got players, four of them, and I got characters — and everything changed. That’s not quite accurate. Everything didn’t change, but my perspective on the world … Read entire article »

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GenCon 2012 Interview: Margaret Weis Productions

Tweet I had the chance to interview Amanda Valentine of Margaret Weis Productions. She has worked on an insane number of very good, and critically acclaimed rpg products including Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Smallville, The Dresden Files Roleplaying game, several Dragonlance supplements, the Fiasco Companion, and the Leverage Roleplaying game. She has been on the receiving end of many Ennie awards, Origins awards, Golden Geek awards, Indie RPG awards and more. She was an excellent interview and was gracious enough to talk to me at the end of a very long day. If you’d like to know more about Amanda, check out her website The games of Margaret Weis Productions seem to be incredibly popular at my local game store. In the last year we’ve had games … Read entire article »

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GenCon 2012 Interview: Gaming Paper

Tweet This is another interview that I wanted very much to do at GenCon. Erik Bauer of Gaming Paper seems to me to be a guy who saw a place to make his mark on the RPG hobby, and did that in spades. On top of that, he is one of the only guys I follow who makes comments when I mention his company on Twitter. There are nights when I’m sitting around the gaming table and gaming with friends and I snap a pic of the map to tweet it. Why? Who really knows honestly, but I like to share my hobbies with my followers from time to time. Whenever I’m using Gaming Paper I tend to toss an @GamingPaper onto the tweet, and … Read entire article »

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GenCon 2012 Interview: Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Tweet This is probably, without a doubt, the biggest interview that was on my list for the con. If you have ever listened to even a single episode of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast then you know how much they love Savage Worlds. Its honestly because of how much they love Savage Worlds and how much they talked about it that I originally picked up the game myself. I have now run several games in Savage Worlds including Ghostbusters, Deadlands, and Space 1889. I don’t intend to stop anytime soon as I love the fast and loose system that has such easy mechanics to learn. Its ideal for one shot con style gaming. Couldn’t be better. So, when I found out I was going to … Read entire article »

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Gencon 2012: Cosplay Abuse

Tweet There are two different forms of cosplay abuse. Abuse of the term, the ideal, and the activity is the one that I think is a bit more personal to me. The second is abuse of the people themselves. I don’t really mean physically, though that definitely does enter into it, I mean more almost emotional abuse. Let me first talk about the former kind of abuse. This is something I feel a real need to talk about. Especially after some recent comments on my previous article. I’m going to start off by saying that I am a crafty person, and I became a crafty person because I wanted to make decent garb for the local renaissance faire. My first year at the local faire … Read entire article »

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