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GenCon 2012 Interview: Paizo Publishing

Tweet The first interview I was able to negotiate at GenCon this year was with a representative for Paizo Publishing. Being the most popular role playing game there is to find at the moment I felt it was a good place to start. I asked Sean K. Reynolds for a few minutes of his time and we talked. Just as a little background, Sean has worked for TSR, Wizards of the Coast, Black Isle Studios, Upper Deck, and now o course Paizo Publishing. He has done a little bit of just about everything in the gaming industry from the video game side, to card games, and of course rpg design. He has his own personal site at and if you wish to learn more you … Read entire article »

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GenCon 2012: First Impressions

Tweet I went to GenCon for the first time last year. It was an interesting, but amazing experience. This year I had the opportunity to attend the con in a completely different sort of role, the role of roving reporter. I was lucky enough to gain a press pass and to then use that pass to interview many people in the gaming industry. Ranging from actual developers like Shane Hensley(Pinnacle Entertainment Group/Savage Worlds), to podcasters like Jefferson Jay Thacker(Know Direction) and Michael Azzolino(Chronicles: The Pathfinder Podcast), and just regular old every day gamers like Josh Shrader(Dayton, OH). Doing this gave me a completely different experience than I had last year, and it also gave me some almost unique insight into the GenCon experience. I will write … Read entire article »

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Demi-human (Non)Diversity

Tweet Update: This article was cited in an online petition to Wizards of the Coast asking  for more gender and ethnic diversity in the figures depicted in the artwork for D&D Next. The petition, created by Josh Fox, asks for a minimum of 50% of people shown to be female, a minimum of 20% of people shown to be “non-white”, and for Wizards to remove the text specifically describing demi-humans as being exclusively “pale-skinned”. You can sign the petition here: D&D Should Be For Everyone, Not Just White Men, which I would encourage everyone to do. Note: This article does relate to role-playing. First though, I feel it’s necessary to share a bit of my personal background to provide some context to this article. I’ll try to keep it short. I and my … Read entire article »

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Dealing with Player Ignorance

Tweet I have GMed many convention games, but I ran into a new problem a few months ago. One of the players in my game had a fundamental misunderstanding of a pretty simple scientific principle. I will not go into specifics because I do not wish to embarrass that player or narrow down which game I am discussing. The players were engrossed in the game and having a blast trying to come up with a solution to my challenge. They were all great people and it was a very positive game, however suddenly one of them suggested an action that defied the laws of physics. Two other players jumped on board, and the remaining players looked at me with their eyebrows raised. I casually asked for clarification, hoping they’d catch the mistake themselves. … Read entire article »

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Dice Cheats Revisited

Tweet My last article, Dice Cheats, brought me a fair amount of feedback. While the majority agreed with my opinions on dice cheating, I was surprised at the amount of people who cheat with their dice and gave some kind of justification for it. Not a single person just said “Yeah, I’m a cheater” and left it at that. Below I’ve listed their general responses one at a time, each with my commentary.. – I cheated because I was always rolling characters with low stats You get what you roll. That said, there are ways to get around this if your DM is agreeable. You could do a point buy for example. Or instead of rolling 3D6, roll 2D6+6. If your DM isn’t agreeable, learn to love it or find another game. – … Read entire article »

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