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The Wisdom 8 Rogue

Tweet In his August 6th D&D Next article, Mike Mearls indicated that WotC had received some feedback regarding the rogue class and it’s ability to find traps. Some people felt it was silly for the cleric to have a better chance of finding traps than the rogue, simply because the cleric had a higher Wisdom score. WotC’s solution was to create a rule that allows rogue players to use the higher of either a +3 or their ability score modifier when using a skill in which the rogue is trained. This is an absolutely terrible idea. The problem: Other people than me have pointed this out, but this “solution” effectively gives the rogue a score of 16 to 17 in any ability score related to a skill in which the character is trained. We don’t … Read entire article »

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Making the most of one day at GenCon.

Tweet Not long ago I talked to Stu Venable about representing at GenCon in an official capacity. He gave me the go ahead to use the blog as a way to garner a press pass. Well wouldn’t you know it, it worked! So there I was with a press badge and a mission. I was going to my first ever full weekend of GenCon, and with press credentials even! The next several weeks were a rollercoaster. I had a ride, then I didn’t have a ride, then I did again. I didn’t have anywhere to stay, then I did, then I didn’t, etc. Finally after much thought and deliberation, I decided that going for a full four days would not be a … Read entire article »

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Why I like being a GM

Tweet I’ve been playing RPGs for many years now, being a player or a Game Master. I enjoy both and overall, have split the time between them. Though the last 8 years it’s mostly been as a GM. Making a world come alive is fun. I wirte down all kinds of notes concerning the world; the races living there, the countries and their currencies, cultural rituals, sporting events/teams, etc. Do all of these things come into play all the time? Nope. But it’s ok. Another thing to make are Non-Player Characters and Player Characters. Making the PC’s for games run at conventions or other one-shots because normally I have the player make their own characters. I like cruising the internet looking for pictures of what the PC’s or NPC’s will look like. A … Read entire article »

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The Geek Girl Problem

Tweet The problem with the geek girl subculture is the unrelenting expectation of uniformity. I have seen countless articles and posts about the problems with the geek girl subculture. Some are written by geek girls and some are simply commenting on us. Many cast stones at select groups of female geeks for a huge variety of transgressions. Girls are too sexy, not sexy enough, too specialized in their interest, not specialized enough, too fake, too judgmental, too obsessed, not obsessed enough, too mainstream, too antisocial, too popular, not popular enough, and on and on and on. Somehow, people have the idea that if geek girls took their specific advice, we will become a unified army of geekdom. Are you flipping kidding me? REALLY? Despite our different backgrounds, ethnicities, body types, religions, knowledge, skills, … Read entire article »

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Why Are You Being Rude?

Tweet I don’t understand something. Maybe someone can explain it to me (I’m not really looking or an explanation — it’s rhetorical, really). I’ve seen dozens of instances of it, but two very recently. Both Kimi (Happy Jacks host) and Mac Beauvais (Strange Like That) have received snarky comments from self appointed steampunk critics or experts (I’m not sure which, and it doesn’t really matter) about their DC steampunk costumes. Essentially, what they’re saying is, “I don’t like what you’re doing and I’m going to criticize it.” While I don’t pretend to understand the rage about the inconsequential, it’s not uncommon. I know a guy who hates Sketchers. That’s right, the shoes. He can go off on a tirade about why he hates Sketchers. But you know what he doesn’t do? He doesn’t post comments on … Read entire article »

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