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Luck Vs. Data

Tweet I recently got into a discussion with a friend who had started playing in a Call of Cthulhu game and had some issues with the BRP system. I normally don’t get into system vs system discussions but this time I charged in. He prefers d20 and doesn’t care for percentile systems because “if you fail a single roll l, you’re screwed and whether you pass or fail is just luck”. He says in a d20 game you get skills, natural abilities and attributes to add to your die roll and that is “hard, fast data”. I understand there are some fundamental differences between playing Call of Cthulhu and D&D, but my take is that you normally build characters in BRP or D20 with a goal in mind. With BRP your skills, natural … Read entire article »

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Problems With Canon

Tweet **SPOILER ALERT** If you have not read the Dresden Files series, and you car about having things spoiled, STOP READING NOW. I’ve been reading through Dresden Files RPG: Your Story, looking for some ideas for a similar, but different sort of campaign I’ve been thinking about running. Having read all of the Dresden Files books to-date, I can definitely tell that the DFRPG was written a couple books ago. In the introduction to the setting, the authors discuss how the White Council is locked in a war with the Red Court of vampires, so much so that they are pretty preoccupied. As  anyone who has read “Changes” knows, that war ended very decisively — about as decisively as any war can end. And that brings me to two problems I’ve always had with RPG stories that involve existing … Read entire article »

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What Makes You a Douchey DM?

Tweet After GenCon I had some time to go over the videos I recorded of my interviews, and to think about the answers to the questions I asked. It was while doing exactly that when I hit upon an idea. If you read any of my interviews, you will know that I asked every single person the same question. “What makes you a Douchey DM?” I will admit that I asked that question mostly just because this site is called, but also because I’ve always felt that everyone has a little bit of a douche inside them somewhere. It wasn’t until after the convention that it hit me that most people probably don’t know that they are a Douchey DM in some way. It was … Read entire article »

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Three Questions a GM Should Ask Before “Fudging” a Die Roll

Tweet When a GM uses a screen, the only one watching over him is his own conscience, and there are times when we, for the good of the game, decide to ignore or modify a secret die roll. Perhaps we don’t want the paladin to get one-shotted by a lowly kobold. Maybe we want that secretly rolled perception check to succeed, even though we rolled a critical failure. Whatever the reason, and however justified we feel about what we’re doing, we are violating the rules of the game. Yes, I know some games explicitly say the GM can ignore any result he or she wants. Yeah, I get it, the rules sometimes say you can cheat, but here are some things to think about before you do it. 1. Am I Betraying My … Read entire article »

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Streaming Call in Show Setup.

Tweet This is a blog post for one person. If you’re interested in how I set up our live-streaming call-in show, go ahead and read this. Otherwise, I’d just skip it. Doing this show require two computers, because it require two audio inputs that will go through two different programs. The Streaming Computer Computer A (in this case my laptop) is used exclusively to stream the show to the listeners. I round the audio from my recording interface headphone jack (mine has two) to the audio in on Computer A. I select that audio input in the Mixlr application. To phrase it in a more complicated manner, I route the audio from the Master Bus (Analog Audio Outs 1 and 2) into the audio input on Computer A. The Recording/Skype Computer This is a little more … Read entire article »

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