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The Rogue’s Share

Tweet In the second half of my last article I explained why giving the rogue “weaponized ability checks” would be a bad idea. Basically you’re forcing the DM to choose between allowing all characters to attempt these actions (thereby making the rogue’s special abilities meaningless), or allowing only rogues to attempt these actions (thereby stifling player creativity). It’s kind of setting up a lose/lose situation. To understand what I mean fully you should really go ahead and read the article. I’ll wait. Back? Alright then. Let’s continue. The latest D&D Next playtest packet (released December 17th, 2012) gave rogues a new class feature called Skill Tricks. These allow a rogue character to spend a skill die[¹] when making an ability check that uses a skill they are trained in to gain an effect above … Read entire article »

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Gifts for Savage Worlds GMs

Tweet As any Savage Worlds player knows, you need a deck of playing cards for initiative. Why use a plain old deck of cards when you can have something special that will play into the setting of your game? Here are a few that I found. World War Ii Airplane Spotter Cards — Each card give three different silhouettes of an allied or axis aircraft. Perfect for any WWII game or any game with lots of aviation. Naval Spotter Card Game: 1940’s-1960’s — Like the aviation cards, but with seagoing vessels. Also on the WWII front are the WWII Propaganda Poster Playing Cards, with each card giving you a different poster image. Running a zombie-themed game? There are a few decks of zombie-related cards: there are the Zombie Post Apocalypse Playing Cards, Bicycle Zombie Playing Cards … Read entire article »

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It’s Christmas Time – Time to Reminisce.

Tweet   Seeing that it’s Christmas time, it seems like a good time to talk about the RPG-related highlights of the last year and look at last year’s New Year’s resolutions. Generally speaking, it was a sparse year for gaming. Apart from a struggling on-line GURPS game, a few sessions of L5R and some con-related playtests and con games, there wasn’t a dearth of gaming. Many things got in the way, and one of the biggest, ironically, was the the podcast.. But there was some gaming. As I think I’ve mentioned before, we are fortunate enough to have three game conventions a year in the Los Angeles area. With a couple games per convention, and the prep involved, there were plenty of game-related activities, if not a lot of actual gaming. I also hosted a mini … Read entire article »

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Expect the potential for another D&D Next rant…

Tweet All righty then. I know I promised an article about adapting the three tier result mechanic of Apocalypse World style games to the Savage Worlds system, but that’ll just have to wait. It’s time for another D&D Next rant. I’m obviously a masochist because I can’t stop reading the development articles on the WotC site, despite knowing they’ll just send me into a mouth-frothing, crimson-visioned, RPG fanboy rage. Here we go. Stop wasting my time! Mike Mearls started his “Class Design Concepts” Legends & Lore article (published on 12/3/12) with this little gem: Overall, we had a slight downturn in satisfaction with the latest packet. We expected the potential for a drop in happiness, as we knew we were pushing things a bit with the rogue’s role in combat and the number of spells available to … Read entire article »

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