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Ideas Are Everywhere

Tweet Do you find ideas for games in your everyday life? I do. I’ve got a mental vault where I shove them for later use. Let me give you an example. By day, I’m a Systems Administrator for an ISP. Not too long ago we had a particularly nasty spammer/phisher who had managed to get off a pretty good phish before we smacked him down. He managed to fool some people into giving up their usernames and password which he then used to access their accounts and send spam from. We caught these and shut him down. When going over the evidence it turned out he was using multiple proxy servers to send from. In real life, that is pretty boring. And it sucks balls if you’re the one being woken up at … Read entire article »

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Making an Existing Setting Your Own

Tweet I’ve started running an L5R game (you can hear recordings of the session at, and some of the things I’ve done with this well-established, long running setting are likely to make some purists a little twitchy. Strangers in a Strange Land L5R is a game of honor and politics, peopled with brave samurai and lofty courtiers. It is — to say the least — a complicated, incredibly detailed setting. Because the setting (for me and the players) was new, uncharted territory, I wanted to introduce it incrementally. I did this by making the PCs sort of outsiders. The most obvious way to do this is to make them actual outsiders who’ve suddenly found themselves in this last. I didn’t want to do that, because it’s a kind of old, hackneyed literary device. Instead, … Read entire article »

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Kick’n It! – Another View of Kickstarter

Kick’n It! – Another View of Kickstarter

Tweet Editor’s Note: Blather is a Happy Jacks listener and has been involved in a Kickstarter. I asked him to share his experiences to give us an alternate view. Let me start by saying that I was very surprised by how fast my email about Kickstarters was read on Happy Jacks RPG Podcast. Maybe it is because right now, Kickstarters are a hot topic among the gaming crowd. I wanted to wait until after the response from the email to write … Read entire article »

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Playtesting as a PC

Tweet This past weekend I played in a playtest for the first time. This was a Pathfinder game. While it went very well, I think I could have done better job in holding up my end as a player. I’ve come up with some suggestions for those who may be about to venture into a playtest for the first time. – Take Notes I dislike taking notes while playing an RPG as I feel it takes away from time I should be playing the game. I understand sometimes it just needs to be done, but I always am looking for someone else to do it. In a playtest though, in a scenario played specifically to get feedback, it behooves you to write a few things down. It’s doesn’t need to be massively detailed, … Read entire article »

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