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Review: Dwellers In Dream

Tweet This time I’m reviewing Dwellers in Dream by TPK Games. It contains five new Fey player races and is Pathfinder compatible. I’m not gonna give too much detail on the five races as I dislike giving away too much in a review, but I’ll mention some highlights. In their respective section, each race has a physical description, a picture, a brief overview of their society, their relations to other races, alignments & religion, examples of male and female names, abilities (racial, defense, etc…), traits and much more. There is A LOT of good, quality information here. Briarborn A race of plant-like humanoids. Described as “nature’s protectors,” they grow up from the ground itself and can have many wild looks as expected. I wasn’t expecting much out of the Briarborn, “plant people” creatures … Read entire article »

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Bennies Suck

Tweet I’m not a fan of bennies. For years now I’ve said bennies are for people who can’t handle their dice and the resulting failures that come from the randomness they provide. Of course, that’s just me being a dick for the most part, but I think there is a bit of truth in there. And, hate me if you must, but whether bennies work or don’t work in your game, I firmly place the blame or praise on the GM. I’ve seen bennies used in ways I consider good and bad. I’ll go over them below with commentary. Too Many Bennies In this session we started off with a few bennies, but then, every time someone said something even remotely funny, they got another bennie. Within 10 minutes everyone had nearly 20 … Read entire article »

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Empowering Players

Tweet We all have seen players completely take their GM by surprise. Usually, the GM has planned one or two specific ways for the players to handle a challenge… and the players try something completely different. This creates a crossroad for the game. Is the GM willing to consider alternative solutions to the problem? The answer should be “yes.” I’m not saying that the GM should always give in to what the players want, but they SHOULD be open to considering logical solutions other than the ones they planned. When the players’ options are allowed, the game changes from the general mice in a maze scenario to a game where players are empowered. The players can stop looking for the “right answer” and really approach the problem from their character’s point of view. … Read entire article »

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JiB on GM’ing: Handling NPC Actions

Tweet A shadow spilled through the open door as two big men lumbered into the back room from the alley. That in itself wasn’t unusual, that they were basically carrying a third between them was. “What happened,” Stock’s voice was heavy with long years of hard drinking. Carmine shifted nervously looking down at his feet. “Well?” the boss’s eyes narrowed at the delay. It was Tony who responded, “Schmidt wasn’t there boss. No sign of ’em.” “So, what happened to Frankie?” “We was ambushed in the clock shop there was at least four of ’em,” Carmine still wouldn’t meet his boss’s eyes. “The cops?” Stock knew that no cop in the docks district would mess with Burns’ men. Tony shook his head, “No, boss. Don’t know who they were but they weren’t cops.” … You can see where this could … Read entire article »

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