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Topic Preview: What Makes a Good Plot Hook

Topic Preview: What Makes a Good Plot Hook

Tweet Plot hook. It’s a term most GMs are familiar with. We often drop what we think is a plot hook , expecting the players to jump into action, yet we often get frustrated as they look at each other, befuddled, paralyzed with inaction. Two things go into a plot hook, and both are important for compelling action from the PCs. One: A Reason to Get Involved. Without a compelling reason to get involved in the story you’re trying … Read entire article »

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Two Great RPG Titles on Sale at RPGNow

Tweet Two great titles are now on sale at drivethrurpg/rpgnow. These sales end on June 2nd, so don’t wait to long if you’ve been looking to pick them up on the cheap. The first is the 4th Edition of Legends of the Five Rings for $8.75. The second is Mongoose Publishing’s Traveller Core Book for $4.80. Legends of the Five Rings (or L5R), is a fantasy RPG based on the feudal samurai era of Japan (though the actual setting is fictitious). L5R from the ground up is a new look at a fantasy adventure game without the medieval-European/.Tolkien-based setting. It is refreshing for those who want to run a fantasy game, but are tired of all the common Western tropes. Mongoose’s Traveller is quite possibly the best re-imagining of Marc Miller’s original 1977 classic Traveller RPG. … Read entire article »

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Episode Preview: Turncoat!

Episode Preview: Turncoat!

Tweet This article is a preview of the show topic for Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 09 Episode 20. The show will be recorded on Friday, May 24th at 8:30pm Pacific Daylight Time. You can listen live at As is often said, the plans you come up with as a GM are often thrown out the window once the players sit down to play. It is especially dangerous to give the PCs access to your main villain … Read entire article »

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Episode Preview: Keeping Role-playing in Combat

Episode Preview: Keeping Role-playing in Combat

Tweet It’s a common lament: Once the minis come out, the role-playing stops And it’s very often true. Many games — GURPS, HERO, Savage Worlds, DnD4e — start life as any other role-playing game, but once combat starts, in-game time slows to a crawl and what we do looks more like a tactical board game. Is there a way to keep on role-playing during combat? I think there is, but often it’s an uphill battle, and success needs to be … Read entire article »

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Some Blog Posts of Note

Tweet I’ve perused the internets and found a few RPG-related posts of note. The Immaterial Plane is running a sort of informal Savage World Plot Point Campaign using Rory’s Story Cubes. If you’re not yet acquainted with Rory’s Story Cubes, they’re a collection of nine six-sided dice with various pictures on them. You can play several different simple story based games with them. My son and I roll the dice, and take turns grabbing one die and adding a bit to the story. This is a great idea for a contest, and some interesting campaign ideas might come out of it. Glimm’s Workshop has an article on creating stories with unstoppable foes. Creating a story line that goes from fighting an invulnerable foe, to discovering/defeating his invulnerability to finally meeting him in combat … Read entire article »

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