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The Doom That Came to Kickstarter

Tweet The Kickstarter for a Monopoly-style Lovecraftian mashup board game is dead. Lots of kickstarters die, but in this case it’s notable because the publisher, the Forking Path, raised more than $122,000 — more than three times their goal of 35k. Erik Chevalier, who is the owner of the Forking Path and a first time Kickstarter organizer, secured the rights to publish the game and organized the Kickstarter. By his own admission in his final update he states that at least one of the reasons for the failure was his lack of experience in board game publishing. The designers of the game, Keith Baker and Lee Moyer, who only allowed Chevalier to publish the game, will forever be associated with this $122K scandal, even though by their own statement, they have not received any … Read entire article »

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Why I Designed My Own RPG

Why I Designed My Own RPG

Tweet Nearly two years ago, I began designing my own RPG. I’ve thrown out much of the early work I did. I’ve changed the dice mechanic at least three times. Character generation, which started as point-buy, moved on to random generation and then back to point-buy. It has been a lot of work and a lot of chasing my tail, and the process has only just begun. In a few days I’ll run the first real play … Read entire article »

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Upheaval in RPGs

Upheaval in RPGs

Tweet **Spoiler Alert** If you are listening to our Actual Play podcasts of the L5R game — Saga of the Inukai, you may want to skip this article until you hear Session 11, as it involves events that took place in that session. We had a pretty Earth-shattering event happen in our last L5R session. The party’s daimyo was forcibly removed by his older brother (who is daimyo of other lands a few day’s journey away. A commenter … Read entire article »

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I Don’t Trust Chaosium

Tweet I want Chaosium to succeed. Call of Cthulhu is a favorite of mine. I want to see it do well. I want to see the 7th edition take off and bring new players to the table. I want Chaosium to succeed. Really. I just don’t trust them. Read on: – For years people would pay well over $300 US for a copy of Masks of Nyarlathotep. Why did it take so long to reprint? While nothing is ever certain, if people are willing to pay ridiculously high prices for this book USED, it seems a likely scenario a reprint would sell pretty well. The same goes for Horror on the Orient Express. Going by the Kickstarter money they got for it, I’d opine a reprint has been overdue for a long, long time. – … Read entire article »

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Random RPG Thoughts

Tweet Lately I’ve been finding the tabletop part of my brain wandering over some random bits, but no single thoughts long enough for a column. I thought I’d put some bits together and see what happened. – There are A LOT of opinions on D&D Next out there right now. Opinions are fine, great even. And while I ignore them for the most part, I don’t understand the fools who spend their time spouting “D&D NEXT IS GUNNA BLOWZ”. Well. Thanks for that constructive input. I’m sure that kind of feedback is exactly the thing that will help mold D&D Next into the game you want it to be. I follow a lot of people on the internet and Twitter who rail on D&D Next… but they’ve been part of the playtests … Read entire article »

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