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Drama Tension Conflict – Name Change and Con Playtests

Drama Tension Conflict – Name Change and Con Playtests

Tweet Note: This article is essentially some design notes about my table-top RPG system, Moment of Truth. Revision 1.3, which has not yet been playtested, is available for download at, if you’d like to take a look. I’ve changed the name of Drama Tension Conflict to Moment of Truth.┬áThe original name came up quite literally as a brainstorming exercise and was nothing more than a working title. The Moment of Truth mechanic has become more central to … Read entire article »

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Lessons From My First Playtest

Tweet So my RPG, Drama Tension Conflict, has had its first round of playtesting, and the process has been illuminating. I have learned some things from it and about the playtest process in general. The System Needed More Playtesting at Home I received a few comments that the game didn’t seem quite ready for prime time. While I certainly didn’t advertise it as a finished product, it could have undergone more strenuous testing on my part. Some of the feedback I received were for things I would have caught after a few sessions. Other things, on the other hand, I wouldn’t have discovered until someone besides me ran a game. I Need to Play The Game as a Player I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve played in an RPG. I … Read entire article »

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My edition is older than your edition

Tweet The following article was submitted by Happy Jacks RPG Podcast listener and Forum participant Eric “Maxinstuff” Parker. A critique of the OSR (Old School Renaissance) and its attitudes I am part of what you might call the new generation of role playing gamers. I grew up in the age of Super Nintendo, and only discovered D&D via a PC game called Baldur’s Gate. Years later I bought my very first RPG book, the Savage Worlds Deluxe hardback. That is so embarrassingly recent that I feel this qualifies me to take a look at our hobby with some fresh eyes, and provide a bit of a critique of the ‘Old School Renaissance’ (OSR) and some of the attitudes it entails. Now I am not out to shit on anyone’s fun. There is no … Read entire article »

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