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Interview with Silver Gryphon Games

Tweet Today we have an interview with Kevin, Ben, and Kelly from Silver Gryphon Games. I’ve met and gamed with multiple members of their crew, they are good people putting out great products and have a genuine love for gaming. They are currently running a Kickstarter for Æthermancy, a magic supplement for their Æther system. Check it out here. Silver Gryphon Games has two “in-house” systems, Ingenium and Æther. Can you describe both of those for anyone who may be unfamiliar? Kevin: Æther is a universal system with a very gritty feeling to it that people seem to really enjoy, even at first-contact with the game. It is a D100 based game where skills determine what you do, not feats or edges. To perform an action, simply roll the D100, add your … Read entire article »

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Blood Blade and Tusk and a Moment of Truth RPG Playtest

Tweet I’ve just finished running my second playtest of my homebrewed RPG: Moment of Truth. This was also the second game I’ve run in my setting, Blood, Blade and Tusk. The first session was in GURPS and was a con game. You can look at my game prep documents in my last post This most recent playtest can be heard in our actual play feed this Wednesday at The system has been heavily revised from the first round of public playtests, as I got a lot of good feedback from both GMs and players about the system. A big “thank you” to all of you who contributed to it. On the Playtest The mechanics of the game seem to be sound. I have created more figured stats, which has helped with the uber-stat tendency. … Read entire article »

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A look at my con-game prep.

Tweet Last weekend at Strategicon’s Gateway 2013, I ran a GURPS game called the Overwarlord’s Emissaries. The game is set in a setting I’m working on, called Blood, Blade and Tusk. It’s an alternate history where – just as the crusades are about to start – hordes of orcs show up in France, dramatically changing the course of history. In this game, two hundred years of war and a successful series of campaigns by the orcs’ Overwarlord Tu’ch Ra’tan has left the kingdoms of Christendom nearly bankrupt and ready to make peace. The party of player characters consists of the bitterly divided orc tribes’ peace emissaries. Some tribes sent their fiercest orc warriors. Other tribes, sincerely ready for peace, sent more learned orcs (a merchant, a poet, and a shaman). Christendom was also divided … Read entire article »

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