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People, Places (and later, Plans)

Tweet I’m currently running two games and have a convention coming up (where I’m also running two one-shots), so it’s no surprise that game prep has been at the forefront of my mind. The way I see it, my game preparation has three areas of concentration: people, places and plans. I’ll talk about about the first two this time around and the last one later. People (NPCs) This should be the primary concern of every GM. Your players have created characters with (hopefully) interesting backstories, motives, hopes and dreams. They deserve interesting people to interact with. I always try to start with motivations when it comes to NPCs. If I know what they want out of life (both short-term and long-term) I know how they’ll react in most situations. I also try to get an … Read entire article »

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Notes on Upcoming AP – The Mote of Sin – Vampire V20

Tweet   After I read through V20, I realized that the characters can be wildly diverse. Even though I’m only allowing the seven Camarilla clans, where they are in the socio-economic spectrum, how much influence they wield can vary widely. To summarize, here’s the party makeup: A Toreador who inherited a fashion design house from her sire; a Ventrue investment banker who was set up with a subsidiary corporation by her sire; and a Gangrel janitor (who owns a good amount of income property) and a Nosferatu who doubles as a stand-up comic. The opening scenario, which I’d come up with prior to character generation) was about a vampire poaching on their territory . Having never run Vampire before (and only played once), I can only assume that’s a pretty common opening scenario. What happens … Read entire article »

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