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A GMing Article I Wrote in 1997

Tweet I originally wrote in article for the old Happy Jacks RPG Resources. You can find it mixed in with homebrewing stuff on if you want to find it. This article is almost 20 years old, but much of what I wrote here still rings true — to me at least. In the fall of 1978, as a seventh grader in junior high school, I was introduced to the world of Fantasy Role Playing when a friend bought the DnD Beginners Set. It came with a basic rule book and some cardboard chits in place of dice. We played through the sample adventure, and I was hooked. Within a week or two I was creating my own dungeons, and running players through them. From there I went on to Traveller, and … Read entire article »

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Return of the Open Gaming License!

Tweet So!  Wizards of the Coast has released Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition under the Open Gaming License.  They’ve also created the Dungeon Masters Guild so that creators can use WotC’s non-OGLed intellectual property and sell them through OneBookShelf (the parent company of RPGNow and DriveThruRPG).  That’s big news.  But what does it mean? First off, let me state that I am not a lawyer.  However, I was once an RPG publisher, and as such I paid a lawyer obscene amounts of money to insure I understood the OGL. The OGL allows a publisher to take content released as Open Game Content under the OGL and freely use it in their own works.  It provides protection for content that a publisher does not want to be OGC, by allowing it to be declared as Product … Read entire article »

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