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A look at my con-game prep.

Last weekend at Strategicon’s Gateway 2013, I ran a GURPS game called the Overwarlord’s Emissaries. The game is set in a setting I’m working on, called Blood, Blade and Tusk. It’s an alternate history where – just as the crusades are about to start – hordes of orcs show up in France, dramatically changing the course of history.

In this game, two hundred years of war and a successful series of campaigns by the orcs’ Overwarlord Tu’ch Ra’tan has left the kingdoms of Christendom nearly bankrupt and ready to make peace.

The party of player characters consists of the bitterly divided orc tribes’ peace emissaries. Some tribes sent their fiercest orc warriors. Other tribes, sincerely ready for peace, sent more learned orcs (a merchant, a poet, and a shaman).

Christendom was also divided about this possible peace, and one of the emissaries from Rome set out to sabotage the talks and keep the war going.

The talks themselves were really a background to the adventure. The adventure was getting to the talks and keeping them relevant.

The game went well. The players said they had a great time, and I was happy with the spread of the PCs as far as skill distribution and relevance and personalities difference to keep things interesting.

Below, I’ve attached the two documents I created for this adventure. The first one — OverwarlordsEmissaries OverwarlordsEmissaries-Notes — was my brainstorming document. I developed the NPCs, who they were, what they wanted. Then I sketched out a couple of scenes.

The second document — OverwarlordsEmissaries — is the document I made for running the game. It’s organized by scenes, where each page is one scene.

I’m including them here in case anyone is interested in seeing how I organize my con games.

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