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Interview with TPK Games about Laying Waste: A Guide to Critical Combat

Tweet This time we’re going to be talking to TPK Games about their new Kickstarter for Laying Waste: A Guide to Critical Combat. We’ll also be discussing their last Kickstarter, The Bleeding Hollow. and a few other topics. Tell me about the idea behind the Kickstarter for Laying Waste: A Guide to Critical Combat. Sure. The main concept is that the critical hit rules as written for the d20 system are old and outdated. They exist only to give a very quick resolution to a better attack roll and do not give any real flavor at all. They can easily be manipulated, and you can create damage dealing characters that deal over 100 points of damage in a single attack. This sort of game play actually detracts from the … Read entire article »

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My Experience Asking Companies For Con Support

Tweet I volunteered to help run a game con this year. It’s taking place this weekend and the majority of my work is done. I handled a few different tasks, but there is one in particular that really opened my eyes: con support. Con support is when you ask a game company if they have any way they can help support your con. This ranges from product like free games, books, or PDFs or things like buying advertising in the booklet, vendor table space, discounts, etc… I really wanted to do this right. I solicited advice from people who had prior experience asking for con support. I created a spreadsheet with a list of companies I wanted to contact. I researched their websites for their preferred method of contact and/or any guidelines they … Read entire article »

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Interview with Silver Gryphon Games

Tweet Today we have an interview with Kevin, Ben, and Kelly from Silver Gryphon Games. I’ve met and gamed with multiple members of their crew, they are good people putting out great products and have a genuine love for gaming. They are currently running a Kickstarter for Æthermancy, a magic supplement for their Æther system. Check it out here. Silver Gryphon Games has two “in-house” systems, Ingenium and Æther. Can you describe both of those for anyone who may be unfamiliar? Kevin: Æther is a universal system with a very gritty feeling to it that people seem to really enjoy, even at first-contact with the game. It is a D100 based game where skills determine what you do, not feats or edges. To perform an action, simply roll the D100, add your … Read entire article »

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I Don’t Trust Chaosium

Tweet I want Chaosium to succeed. Call of Cthulhu is a favorite of mine. I want to see it do well. I want to see the 7th edition take off and bring new players to the table. I want Chaosium to succeed. Really. I just don’t trust them. Read on: – For years people would pay well over $300 US for a copy of Masks of Nyarlathotep. Why did it take so long to reprint? While nothing is ever certain, if people are willing to pay ridiculously high prices for this book USED, it seems a likely scenario a reprint would sell pretty well. The same goes for Horror on the Orient Express. Going by the Kickstarter money they got for it, I’d opine a reprint has been overdue for a long, long time. – … Read entire article »

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Random RPG Thoughts

Tweet Lately I’ve been finding the tabletop part of my brain wandering over some random bits, but no single thoughts long enough for a column. I thought I’d put some bits together and see what happened. – There are A LOT of opinions on D&D Next out there right now. Opinions are fine, great even. And while I ignore them for the most part, I don’t understand the fools who spend their time spouting “D&D NEXT IS GUNNA BLOWZ”. Well. Thanks for that constructive input. I’m sure that kind of feedback is exactly the thing that will help mold D&D Next into the game you want it to be. I follow a lot of people on the internet and Twitter who rail on D&D Next… but they’ve been part of the playtests … Read entire article »

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