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Review: Dwellers In Dream

Tweet This time I’m reviewing Dwellers in Dream by TPK Games. It contains five new Fey player races and is Pathfinder compatible. I’m not gonna give too much detail on the five races as I dislike giving away too much in a review, but I’ll mention some highlights. In their respective section, each race has a physical description, a picture, a brief overview of their society, their relations to other races, alignments & religion, examples of male and female names, abilities (racial, defense, etc…), traits and much more. There is A LOT of good, quality information here. Briarborn A race of plant-like humanoids. Described as “nature’s protectors,” they grow up from the ground itself and can have many wild looks as expected. I wasn’t expecting much out of the Briarborn, “plant people” creatures … Read entire article »

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Bennies Suck

Tweet I’m not a fan of bennies. For years now I’ve said bennies are for people who can’t handle their dice and the resulting failures that come from the randomness they provide. Of course, that’s just me being a dick for the most part, but I think there is a bit of truth in there. And, hate me if you must, but whether bennies work or don’t work in your game, I firmly place the blame or praise on the GM. I’ve seen bennies used in ways I consider good and bad. I’ll go over them below with commentary. Too Many Bennies In this session we started off with a few bennies, but then, every time someone said something even remotely funny, they got another bennie. Within 10 minutes everyone had nearly 20 … Read entire article »

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Inspiration from Song

Tweet Continuing on from my last article, Ideas Are Everywhere, the other morning I was at work, headphones on, listening to a random playlist. Devildriver’s Pray for Villains came on. I’ve heard this song hundreds of time. I wasn’t even thinking about RPGs at the time, I was focusing on my job, but for some reason two lines jumped out and demanded attention: “Every sorrow has its source and your conscience isn’t free” “They pray for villains when their heroes let them down” For whatever reason, my brain started thinking those were some interesting concepts for a Fiasco game. I thought it about it for a few minutes and decided these lines could work pretty easily into character or story concepts for most RPGs with a little creativity. Let’s look at a an example … Read entire article »

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Ideas Are Everywhere

Tweet Do you find ideas for games in your everyday life? I do. I’ve got a mental vault where I shove them for later use. Let me give you an example. By day, I’m a Systems Administrator for an ISP. Not too long ago we had a particularly nasty spammer/phisher who had managed to get off a pretty good phish before we smacked him down. He managed to fool some people into giving up their usernames and password which he then used to access their accounts and send spam from. We caught these and shut him down. When going over the evidence it turned out he was using multiple proxy servers to send from. In real life, that is pretty boring. And it sucks balls if you’re the one being woken up at … Read entire article »

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Playtesting as a PC

Tweet This past weekend I played in a playtest for the first time. This was a Pathfinder game. While it went very well, I think I could have done better job in holding up my end as a player. I’ve come up with some suggestions for those who may be about to venture into a playtest for the first time. – Take Notes I dislike taking notes while playing an RPG as I feel it takes away from time I should be playing the game. I understand sometimes it just needs to be done, but I always am looking for someone else to do it. In a playtest though, in a scenario played specifically to get feedback, it behooves you to write a few things down. It’s doesn’t need to be massively detailed, … Read entire article »

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