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Return of the Open Gaming License!

Tweet So!  Wizards of the Coast has released Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition under the Open Gaming License.  They’ve also created the Dungeon Masters Guild so that creators can use WotC’s non-OGLed intellectual property and sell them through OneBookShelf (the parent company of RPGNow and DriveThruRPG).  That’s big news.  But what does it mean? First off, let me state that I am not a lawyer.  However, I was once an RPG publisher, and as such I paid a lawyer obscene amounts of money to insure I understood the OGL. The OGL allows a publisher to take content released as Open Game Content under the OGL and freely use it in their own works.  It provides protection for content that a publisher does not want to be OGC, by allowing it to be declared as Product … Read entire article »

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