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Adventure Seed Fiction: The Nevada Pestilence Part 2

Tweet The Nevada Pestilence Part II by Stu Venable, Jr. The stench, as I found purchase to gain footing upon the caboose’s railings, was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Having served with the 51st Ohio Infantry, I was not unfamiliar with the smell of rotting human flesh. This however seemed to me to be the smell of cooking human flesh, a scent with which I was far less familiar, having only caught the briefest whiff of it when an occasional wound need cauterization. But my senses were met with the cannibalistic equivalent of some festive feast. Deep within my mind, the memories of my ancestors met the smell with revulsion and horror. I tensed my jaw and looked more closely into the interior of the caboose. It was then that I noticed that … Read entire article »

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