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Drama Tension Conflict – Name Change and Con Playtests

Drama Tension Conflict – Name Change and Con Playtests

Tweet Note: This article is essentially some design notes about my table-top RPG system, Moment of Truth. Revision 1.3, which has not yet been playtested, is available for download at, if you’d like to take a look. I’ve changed the name of Drama Tension Conflict to Moment of Truth. The original name came up quite literally as a brainstorming exercise and was nothing more than a working title. The Moment of Truth mechanic has become more central to … Read entire article »

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My edition is older than your edition

Tweet The following article was submitted by Happy Jacks RPG Podcast listener and Forum participant Eric “Maxinstuff” Parker. A critique of the OSR (Old School Renaissance) and its attitudes I am part of what you might call the new generation of role playing gamers. I grew up in the age of Super Nintendo, and only discovered D&D via a PC game called Baldur’s Gate. Years later I bought my very first RPG book, the Savage Worlds Deluxe hardback. That is so embarrassingly recent that I feel this qualifies me to take a look at our hobby with some fresh eyes, and provide a bit of a critique of the ‘Old School Renaissance’ (OSR) and some of the attitudes it entails. Now I am not out to shit on anyone’s fun. There is no … Read entire article »

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The Doom That Came to Kickstarter

Tweet The Kickstarter for a Monopoly-style Lovecraftian mashup board game is dead. Lots of kickstarters die, but in this case it’s notable because the publisher, the Forking Path, raised more than $122,000 — more than three times their goal of 35k. Erik Chevalier, who is the owner of the Forking Path and a first time Kickstarter organizer, secured the rights to publish the game and organized the Kickstarter. By his own admission in his final update he states that at least one of the reasons for the failure was his lack of experience in board game publishing. The designers of the game, Keith Baker and Lee Moyer, who only allowed Chevalier to publish the game, will forever be associated with this $122K scandal, even though by their own statement, they have not received any … Read entire article »

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What I Leaned About Dungeons on My Summer Vacation

What I Leaned About Dungeons on My Summer Vacation

Tweet The family and I went to Sequoia National Park for a few days of camping. On our second day there, we took the Crystal Cave tour and for the first time, I got to actually creep through a dimly lit cave complex.  I’ve always wanted to go caving or spelunking. I love the idea of exploring places that have been locked away for a million years, the dark, creepy environment, the opportunity to see something unseen … Read entire article »

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JiB on GM’ing : An Option to Black and White Resolutions

Tweet     Valen’s eyes narrowed, matching his movements with his opponent. Circling left as the dark cloaked highwayman moved to his left. With every step of the dance they moved warily closer together until one or the other would decide they would move. The glittering rapier in his opponent’s hand dipped a bit weaving out to the side, a small mistake but a mistake none the less and with the speed of a striking viper Valen’s own rapier darted forward propelled by the powerful lunge that began with the ground upon which he stood. Too late Valen realized his own error in allowing himself to be baited by his enemy. Now though he stood at a forking in a road, either he would take the inevitable hit or he would roll … Read entire article »

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