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Gencon 2012: Cosplay Abuse

Tweet There are two different forms of cosplay abuse. Abuse of the term, the ideal, and the activity is the one that I think is a bit more personal to me. The second is abuse of the people themselves. I don’t really mean physically, though that definitely does enter into it, I mean more almost emotional abuse. Let me first talk about the former kind of abuse. This is something I feel a real need to talk about. Especially after some recent comments on my previous article. I’m going to start off by saying that I am a crafty person, and I became a crafty person because I wanted to make decent garb for the local renaissance faire. My first year at the local faire … Read entire article »

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GenCon 2012: First Impressions

Tweet I went to GenCon for the first time last year. It was an interesting, but amazing experience. This year I had the opportunity to attend the con in a completely different sort of role, the role of roving reporter. I was lucky enough to gain a press pass and to then use that pass to interview many people in the gaming industry. Ranging from actual developers like Shane Hensley(Pinnacle Entertainment Group/Savage Worlds), to podcasters like Jefferson Jay Thacker(Know Direction) and Michael Azzolino(Chronicles: The Pathfinder Podcast), and just regular old every day gamers like Josh Shrader(Dayton, OH). Doing this gave me a completely different experience than I had last year, and it also gave me some almost unique insight into the GenCon experience. I will write … Read entire article »

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Top Secret – Orccon 2012 Recap

Top Secret – Orccon 2012 Recap

Tweet In the old days of role-playing there were charts. Charts begat more charts and you had to reference additional charts to see what the first charts meant. For some it was grand time. For others, they had yet to be born. When CADave and I got back into the Top Secret books, the charts were one of the first things that popped out at us. The reason we wanted to explore running the system again is … Read entire article »

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Reflection on the recording of Stu’s Ghostbusters Game

Tweet – Link to Stu’s posting of the game   First things first, I’ve listened to a number of real play recordings and unedited this one is more fun to listen to than any of the others. Now I should probably add that I know the people playing somewhat so that makes it even more fun to listen to. Without editing or tweaking, the sound is great and everything is very clear, a testament to Stu’s recording abilities and equipment. This is a great view of a master GM and a group of very talented role players playing a fabulous game and learning a new game system together and having a huge amount of fun. At the time of this writing I’m not entirely sure who all was playing. According to Stu the … Read entire article »

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Wild Talents

Tweet Hello fellow gamer geeks! Welcome to the first installment of Kimi’s Korner (WINNER!)… just kidding. I won’t be calling it that. Damn you Charlie Sheen for ruining that great alliteration. If anyone has any catchy title ideas for my posts, let me know. For those of you just joining us (or who don’t listen to the Happy Jacks RPG Podcast… losers), I’m Kimi. I’m a real life geek and gamer girl who loves RPGs. At OrcCon, The Amazing Fray™ (also known as Fray) and I ran a new-to-the-Happy-Jacks-crew system called Wild Talents. It is a system specifically designed as a superhero RPG. Arc Dream Publishing released it in December of 2006. This is my n00b friendly review of that system. I’ll be breaking the game down into four basic categories and then … Read entire article »

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