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The Doom That Came to Kickstarter

Tweet The Kickstarter for a Monopoly-style Lovecraftian mashup board game is dead. Lots of kickstarters die, but in this case it’s notable because the publisher, the Forking Path, raised more than $122,000 — more than three times their goal of 35k. Erik Chevalier, who is the owner of the Forking Path and a first time Kickstarter organizer, secured the rights to publish the game and organized the Kickstarter. By his own admission in his final update he states that at least one of the reasons for the failure was his lack of experience in board game publishing. The designers of the game, Keith Baker and Lee Moyer, who only allowed Chevalier to publish the game, will forever be associated with this $122K scandal, even though by their own statement, they have not received any … Read entire article »

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I’m Mad as Hell, and I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore!

Tweet Editor’s note: While I seemingly rail against Kickstarter creators in this post, I am well aware that many good people are conducting good business on Kickstarter. I also acknowledge that many projects by first-time creators get funded and made because of Kickstarter, and I know these projects might not otherwise see the light of day. Kickstarter is a valuable service to our community and many others. This article is not to attack the concept or all creators, but to shine a light on those who seemingly abuse it. I recently ranted on and on about a very late projects on Kickstarter on the most recent episode of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast. The rant began when I heard a recent episode of the Bear Swarm podcast, where a listener mentioned in an … Read entire article »

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What RPGs are NOT

What RPGs are NOT

Tweet We have a tendency in this hobby to borrow a lot of terms from other creative endeavors. We borrow terms from creative writing, film, television, The problem is, sometimes we start equating our hobby with those other creative outlets from which we borrowed the terms, when ofttimes our hobby is very different. RPGs are not Novels I’ve talked a lot about GMs who mistake table-top RPGs for novel writing, with GMs constantly trying to manipulate the game to … Read entire article »

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Why I Like Sex in RPGs

Tweet In a recent episode of the Happy Jacks RPG podcast (Season 09 Episode 08), the hosts discussed romance, seduction, and sex in roleplaying games. I was really looking forward to this discussion as I am a big proponent of including these elements in games. While I wasn’t exactly disappointed with the discussion that ensued (the hosts were funny as ever, and their inappropriate banter is a large part of why I like the show), I did feel that there was a lot more that could’ve be said. The hosts only scratched the surface of this topic, and I wish I could’ve been there to add my points to the discussion. However, as I don’t own a teleporter, and don’t live anywhere close to southern California, this article will have to … Read entire article »

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Making an Existing Setting Your Own

Tweet I’ve started running an L5R game (you can hear recordings of the session at, and some of the things I’ve done with this well-established, long running setting are likely to make some purists a little twitchy. Strangers in a Strange Land L5R is a game of honor and politics, peopled with brave samurai and lofty courtiers. It is — to say the least — a complicated, incredibly detailed setting. Because the setting (for me and the players) was new, uncharted territory, I wanted to introduce it incrementally. I did this by making the PCs sort of outsiders. The most obvious way to do this is to make them actual outsiders who’ve suddenly found themselves in this last. I didn’t want to do that, because it’s a kind of old, hackneyed literary device. Instead, … Read entire article »

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