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Campaign Organization – Obsidian Portal Part 2

Tweet As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been using Obsidian Portal to organize my current Fantasy Hero campaign. I finally ran the first session of this game last weekend, and I’ve done all of the prep for this game on Obsidian Portal. Since the campaign is now in motion and I’ve had almost two months working with the service, I have more to say about it. I also upgraded my account to an “Ascendant” account, which provides more functionality. The Learning Curve Obsidian Portal uses its own markup language. It’s a little easier to pick up than HTML and the markup codes soon became intuitive and no longer slowed me down while writing. I found a handy drop down menu that lists your existing articles, which makes it much easier to link to … Read entire article »

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Guido on Gaming: Gaming Paper’s Mega Dungeon I

Tweet This time on Gaming with Guido I’d like to do my first real review. I’m reviewing two things today as a matter of fact. The first item on the agenda is Loot! If you’re unfamiliar with the site, basically its a gaming version of something like Ed Healy of has used his influence to negotiate with various game publishers for a discounted price on their products. Each weekday they post one of these items on the site for a significant discount. I purchased the miniatures game Iron Tyrants from them for about fifteen dollars less than its standard price. There have been lots of others listed as well. Loot is a resource that cannot be passed up. On … Read entire article »

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Guido on Gaming: How your FLGS affects your gaming.

Tweet Hello all, SirGuido back here again. I’ve been absent from for a little bit here lately and I apologize for that, but I’ve been working on losing some weight here lately. As such I started my own blog over at Its sort of a gamer’s take on dieting and losing weight from a very obese person’s(mine) point of view. Check it out if it interests you. Anyway, on to my topic. This past Monday I had the opportunity to help out some new friends of mine. They are opening a new game store in my area called Gateway Games and More. I was there to help them unpack a bunch of new product, get it checked in, and get it put away. … Read entire article »

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4 Attribute Savage Worlds Houserule

Tweet Here are the rules for my 4 attribute version of Savage Worlds. Reasons for this house rule: First of all, in a mechanical sense, I don’t think that it’s very balanced to make a character who is tough and brawny have to raise twice the number of attributes over a character who wants to be smart and witty (smarts), resolute and Inspiring (spirit), or fast and nimble (agility). Agility, smarts and Spirit are for some reason far more general than Vigor and Strength, and this seems to make a brawny character far less optimal than a character based on the more general attributes. Further more there is only one skill based on Strength and none based on vigor, meaning that if you choose to specialize in vigor and strength in character creation, … Read entire article »

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Campaign Organization – Obsidian Portal

Tweet Organization from my games has lately been a collection of Google Docs in a folder. I generally start will a PC Information document — this is something I distribute to the players, and it contains stuff their characters would probably know about the game world. Most don’t read it, but it’s there for reference nonetheless. For my own reference I usually have an NPC/Bad Guy document, where I put descriptions of significant characters the players are likely to meet or have met. Sometimes I’ll have a document describing the overall story arc. For each session, I set up a document with the clues, plot hooks, and events that will occur and what will happen if the party decides to follow those leads. Since the storyline focus changes with the PC’s actions, I … Read entire article »

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