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Why the DnD5E DM Screen is Almost Perfect (perfect is impossible, BTW)

Tweet I just opened my DnD5E Dungneon Master’s Screen, and I am delighted. This is by far the closest a preprinted GM screen can come to perfect. The perfect GM screen would include information about the PCs, like weaknesses or disadvantages, but that’s impossible for a preprinted screen, of course. Why is it so good? Here’s why: Random NPC Tables The left-most panel of the DM side of the screen contains about the most useful information a GM can have at-a-glance. It features five random tables for fleshing out NPCs. Your players meet a shopkeeper and they start up conversation with a poor bloke who doesn’t even have a name. No problem. These five table will give you a fleshed out PC with a few dice rolls. These tables give you a randomized version of the PC background … Read entire article »

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Traveller 5: Second Impressions

Tweet I’m done. My frustration and disappointment with the organizational nightmare that is Traveller 5 has turned to anger. No, I haven’t read the full book. I won’t. I have other games that don’t require so many man-hours to learn. I want to play games, not sit around studying while having tennis elbow flareups. I resent the fact that no one stopped to suggest that this book should have a quick start section, an index, a incremental introduction to the game mechanics, a less random presentation of the rules. We get none of this. There are dozens of people listed in the credits. What were they doing? Didn’t anyone take a moment and look at the drafts as a new player might? Or did everyone learn the game at the table and just use the book … Read entire article »

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Two Great RPG Titles on Sale at RPGNow

Tweet Two great titles are now on sale at drivethrurpg/rpgnow. These sales end on June 2nd, so don’t wait to long if you’ve been looking to pick them up on the cheap. The first is the 4th Edition of Legends of the Five Rings for $8.75. The second is Mongoose Publishing’s Traveller Core Book for $4.80. Legends of the Five Rings (or L5R), is a fantasy RPG based on the feudal samurai era of Japan (though the actual setting is fictitious). L5R from the ground up is a new look at a fantasy adventure game without the medieval-European/.Tolkien-based setting. It is refreshing for those who want to run a fantasy game, but are tired of all the common Western tropes. Mongoose’s Traveller is quite possibly the best re-imagining of Marc Miller’s original 1977 classic Traveller RPG. … Read entire article »

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Traveller 5 First Impressions

Traveller 5 First Impressions

Tweet I have a lot of great things to say about Traveller in general. It was the second role-playing game I ever played (the first being DnD). It was a trail-blazing game in many ways. It boasted an innovative character creation system, which providing players with a randomly generated character history of sorts. The game mechanics were fairly simple (for games from that era), and the eventual setting was rich in history and adventure possibilities. In fact, from … Read entire article »

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Review: Drinking Quest RPG

Tweet I take my gaming and my drinking very seriously. You have to when you’re on a podcast with the tagline, “Pursuing the RPG Hobby with Reckless Abandon… and beer.” Perhaps because of this, I was recently sent a review copy of Drinking Quest, an RPG card game designed to be played while drinking. In fact, the mechanics require you to be drinking. BEST CONCEPT EVER. Drinking Quest is a very simple RPG by design, after all, they are expecting you to play while inebriated. The game is designed for two to four players. Everyone starts by choosing one of the four pre-generated character cards. These are all about equal power-wise, and have funny names and powers. I was a little disappointed that only one of the four characters is a very female … Read entire article »

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