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FFG Star Wars Edge of the Empire Session 1 – Lessons Learned

I just finished the first session of my Edge of the Empire campaign. It was a lot of fun (the actual play will be up on the site in a couple weeks). Even though this was only the first session, I did learn a couple of valuable lessons.

One: Character shared history.

EotE doesn’t have any mechanical way to weave characters’ backstories together. With my group, this wasn’t a big deal, as they’ll all simply decide they’re a team and they work as such. But often, some players need a motivation to trust or work with other PCs. Having some sort of shared back story can help this along. Were I to do character gen again, I would ask the players for some shared experience with at least two other characters in the group.

Two: Ship Stats

This is a very simple thing, but something I completely overlooked. The first session started with the party having to run an Imperial blockade of Tatooine to bring arms to one of the fighting factions (the game takes place after Episode VI, so there’s a civil war happening on Tatooine since the death of Jabba (spoilers)).

Combat for ships works similarly to combat for people. This in incredibly convenience. However, while the players all have character sheets in front of them, I found myself flipping through books for the combat stats for the ships. I would suggest giving the players a character sheet for the ship, with all its stats,  equipment and weapons. And do yourself a favor as GM and make some notecards with stats for ships the players are likely to come into combat with.

I didn’t have this stuff, and it seriously slowed down what was supposed to be a quick ship combat leading to the main part of the adventure.

Three: Dice

The dice mechanic is fantastic, but it takes some getting used to. Take the time before the first session to explain the mechanics. Explain how to determine how many green and yellow dice to use. Explain the roll of purple, red, black and blue dice.

Also, it would be a good idea to write down things you can do with advantages.

Four: Force Points

When you initially roll for Force Points, explain (or write out) how the players can use them.

And most importantly, use some of your dark points right away, so it keeps the mechanic in the players’ minds. This also increases their pool, so they feel more comfortable using them.

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3 Responses to "FFG Star Wars Edge of the Empire Session 1 – Lessons Learned"

  1. granger44No Gravatar says:

    I found this set of reference sheets extremely helpful when we played EotE:

  2. KubahNo Gravatar says:

    Planning to run my first EoE adventure in a few weeks, but I remember reading that you can use obligation as a mechanism to give characters a shared background. As for the dice, I plan to use the various phone apps. Love how they calculate the results. What did you guys use? Looking forward to the actual play!

    1. StuNo Gravatar says:

      We used physical dice — we’re Luddites that way…

      Luckily I bought several sets back when they were readily available. Right now, you can’t find them except in starter sets.

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