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Game Ideas for Gamex2011

I’m planning on running either one or two games on Sunday (May 29th) of Gamex2011, and I’m having trouble deciding which to work on.

Here are my choices:

  • GURPS Fantasy Dungeon Crawl with a party of modern-day Special Ops soldiers.
  • A Hero System Comedic Super Hero adventure set in modern-day Los Angeles.
  • A Hero System sequel to “Big Blue Monkeys From Outer Space” — pre-WWII pulp space setting.
  • GURPS Fantasy — a rescue mission to the depths of Chaos, battling demons, elementals, etc.

So my question is this: if you were looking to sign up for a game at a convention, which of the following would you want to sign up for?

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Stu Venable is the producer of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast and writer and editor of He is founder and director of the Poxy Boggards and a member of Celtic Squall. He holds a degree in Journalism and Public Relations from California State University, Long Beach. He is a husband and a father. He hates puppies.

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8 Responses to "Game Ideas for Gamex2011"

  1. jazzisbluesNo Gravatar says:

    Is all of them a valid answer Stu? Blue Monleys pt 1 was great fun so I would probably lean tjat way, and tjen the spec ops giys in the fantasy dungeon crawl.


  2. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    I think the GURPS Chaos, and the Hero Comedic Super Hero sound very fun. Though all are cool sounding.

  3. JoeGunNo Gravatar says:

    I’d have to agree with JIB. The comments and things I’ve heard about Blue Monkeys, makes it almost a Must, and the Spec Ops in a fantasy Dungeon crawl just sounds like it has a TON of potential, I mean imagine the look on the point man’s face when he steps in the clear the room and runs into a couple orcs, he is going to crap himself a bit I think.

  4. SamNo Gravatar says:

    I’d really like to see GURPS in the fantasy setting, again. We talked our way out of the combats last con, so I’d definately sign up for that one. I’ve been thinking about a modern day Spec Ops style game for my group, so I’d love to see how you run it so, I’m in for that one too.

  5. DaeglanNo Gravatar says:

    I choose option 1 it just sounds awesome!

  6. neilfireNo Gravatar says:

    okay, I now know what game I need to run. Just trying to decide if its a special ops team transported to a fantasy world, or a fantasy dungeon transported into a modern world.

  7. Darth KlingonNo Gravatar says:

    The Dungeon Crawl with Spec Ops sounds quite delicious! I’m buying my tickets now if you run that.

  8. Clan HannaNo Gravatar says:

    I gotta say I’d love to play in the comedic super Hero adventure. Dammit, I wish I could go to that con!

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