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Ghostbusters vs. the Flying Spaghetti Monster game notes.

It’s Sunday morning of Gateway 2011 as I write this. I’m prepping for my last game of the con: a GURPS Traveller game.

The two games I ran yesterday went very well. I got many especially kind compliments from my players in the Ghostbusters game. The game ran just on time, and the players unraveled the mystery as just the right moment — I FINALLY put in the right amount of clues at the right time for the big secret to be neither too obvious or unsolvable.

In the past, I’ve had several players and listeners ask me to publish my game notes. Often they are gone, deleted and forgotten by the time I’m asked. I’ve decided to post them before anyone asks. Below is a link to a pdf of the game notes.

The Cult of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (pdf)

You will notice that the notes are less than a page-and-a-half long. This is pretty typical for my games. Everything is organized by scene, and I detail what information I want to get across to the players, who’s there, etc.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the document I used to develop the game, as it’s the same document file as the final game notes.

In most cases when I start developing a game I open up a document file and start writing little notes about the things I want in the game. These get fleshed out over time, and after a while the document is filled with little paragraphs about scenes, story ideas, NPC concepts, etc.

When I’m satisfied with the game concept I make the outline you see in the pdf. I normally do this in the same document, so once I have my outline of scenes, I just delete all my notes.

If you’re interested, take a look at it.

Also, if you’re planning on running a Ghostbusters game in Savage Worlds, check out

Therein you’ll find just about everything you’ll need to run a SW Ghostbusters game: figure flats, weapon stats, special rules of catching ghosts, etc.








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