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Guido on Gaming: Gaming Paper’s Mega Dungeon I

This time on Gaming with Guido I’d like to do my first real review. I’m reviewing two things today as a matter of fact. The first item on the agenda is Loot! If you’re unfamiliar with the site, basically its a gaming version of something like Ed Healy of has used his influence to negotiate with various game publishers for a discounted price on their products. Each weekday they post one of these items on the site for a significant discount. I purchased the miniatures game Iron Tyrants from them for about fifteen dollars less than its standard price. There have been lots of others listed as well.

Loot is a resource that cannot be passed up. On average the products are listed at a fifty to sixty percent savings and can increase your gaming collection for just pennies. Unfortunately for us Loot aficionados Ed is currently on a tour of various game shops on the west coast so the site is on hiatus for the moment. I’m sure though, that once he returns home from his travels he will be posting loads of new goodies for us to buy. Like the Mega Dungeon I that I just purchased from Gaming Paper. I did a video showcasing all that it has to offer here on YouTube.


Even though I did the video, I do want to talk a bit here about the product. It is 100 pages of map, each page is double sided. One the first side is a portion of map that is full furnished with detailed pieces, and on the flip side is the exact same portion without the furnishings. The map is also built on a geomorph design so each panel is interchangeable in any number of layouts. One of the biggest things I like about this product is the detail and quality of the cartography. Christopher West is the cartographer on this product and did an excellent job getting detail into every panel. There are panels featuring pools of water, lakes, baths, etc where you can see the ripples in the water surface. Libraries and work areas have bookshelves and scroll racks with detail of the books and scrolls included. On one panel there is a wizard’s laboratory, and the desk has a line of intricate runes designed around its edge. The level of detail is astonishing.

Then there is the paper. This paper is definitely strong heavyweight stock. I wouldn’t classify it as cardstock but its definitely close. You could easily keep reusing this map for quite some time without much loss quality in the actual product. Also it is indeed paper, so there is the thought that you can use pencils on it and easily erase if you have need, or use low stick tape to hold them together. In your local craft store it’s fairly easy to find rolls of plastic film that is used for wrapping gift baskets. Lay this film over the pages and you can use wet erase or dry erase markers with the product as well. Right now this is the only product available in the line, but there are plans in place to create adventures tailored specifically for this map.

Developers like Ed Greenwood, Steve Schend, Monte Cook, Lou Agresta, and more were tapped to create these adventures and they will also be available through the Gaming Paper website. If you noticed, this is entitled Mega Dungeon I which obviously means they intend this to be a series of map packs. I for one intend to continue buying them since they are indeed amazing products. Give this product a chance and lay it down on the table for your next game, I don’t think you will regret it.

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