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GURPS – Traveller – Interstellar Wars

I picked up GURPS Traveller Interstellar Wars on used.  Like many 4th edition GURPS setting resources, this title is out of print, but it is available as a pdf.

I’ve been a fan of the Traveller setting ever since the Journal of the Travellers’ Aide Society began publishing.

Back in the old days, it was all about the Spinward Marches — the backwater frontier of the Third Imperium. Capital was more than a year’s worth of jumps away, local government was often corrupt, opportunities to turn a quick credit were everywhere. The chance for political intrigue was there as well: the Zhodani Consulate extended into the Spinward Marches, and then there were the mysterious Darians.

GURPS-Travellers-Interstellar Wars winds the clock back to the days of the First Imperium — the Vilani Imperium, borne of a space-faring culture that’s tens of thousands of years old — and the dawn of the upstart Terran Confederation and the Rule of Man.

IW is, to date, the only GURPS 4th Edition Traveller title, although 3rd Edition material can likely integrate with a 4th Edition game without much trouble at all.

I certainly hope more Traveller material is in the works for 4th Edtion. An updated setting book for the Spinward Marchers and the Third Imperium would be nice. Perhaps this conflicts with Mongoose’s license? Who knows.

We get a world creation system and a starship creation system, which are nice to have, but we don’t get weapons specific to the setting. The Vilani Imperium is thousands of years before the Third Imperium, so I assume we don’t yet have FGMPs, PGMPs and Battledress, but I’d like something.

That being said, this period of “history” in the Traveller setting is rife with adventure possibilities — as any good RPG setting should be.



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