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Hero System Game Prep

As I’ve stated on the show, I just finished preparing a one-shot adventure for Orccon 2011 in February.

The adventure is called “Big Blue Monkeys From Outerspace!” I designed six pre-generated PCs and about five NPCs/Villains/Monsters. Additionally, Bill and I are going to run a Champions game at the con as well. This will involve even more game prep. I’ve organized a few things that have made my life easier as I’m preparing for the con.

Use Hero Designer

Hero Designer is the official character maker for the Hero System. It allows users to make characters in both Hero System 5th Edition and the new 6th Edition rules. It makes (relatively) short work of Hero’s famously flexible chargen system. Point totals are updated automatically as you change stats, add skills and powers, talents, perks, etc.

Hero Designer even tames Power modifiers, giving options to see only legal (and illegal) mods, add and remove them and change them as needed.

The Hero Games web page offers several updated output formats for character sheets (my version only shipped with 5th Edition output formats). Some of these output formats can be very valuable for convention games, as they come with extensive combat information pages that put all that stuff on one page — a tool that new players will find especially useful.

I’ve used these character sheet formats for some of my major villains as well, as they provide a series of check marks at the bottom to keep track of stun, body, endurance and charges (ammunition).

Spreadsheet/Movement Chart

Hero System’s proportional movement system is one of my favorite parts of the game. It is however complex, and preparing to run an impromptu combat can take a while.

As a solution for this, I’ve made movement spreadsheets. In the example, I’ve pre-loaded the information for the pre-generated PCs, with blank spaces to write in the villains where they go in the initiative.

I’ve also included a chart at the bottom to keep track of the phase and turn.

As I come up with more tips, I’ll post them here.

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Stu Venable is the producer of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast and writer and editor of He is founder and director of the Poxy Boggards and a member of Celtic Squall. He holds a degree in Journalism and Public Relations from California State University, Long Beach. He is a husband and a father. He hates puppies.

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  1. SamNo Gravatar says:

    Great job Stu. Once again you and the podcast crew have introduced me to another new system. Thanks for taking the blinders off once again.

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