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Notes on Upcoming AP – The Mote of Sin – Vampire V20


After I read through V20, I realized that the characters can be wildly diverse. Even though I’m only allowing the seven Camarilla clans, where they are in the socio-economic spectrum, how much influence they wield can vary widely.

To summarize, here’s the party makeup: A Toreador who inherited a fashion design house from her sire; a Ventrue investment banker who was set up with a subsidiary corporation by her sire; and a Gangrel janitor (who owns a good amount of income property) and a Nosferatu who doubles as a stand-up comic.

The opening scenario, which I’d come up with prior to character generation) was about a vampire poaching on their territory . Having never run Vampire before (and only played once), I can only assume that’s a pretty common opening scenario.

What happens afterward will change dramatically, since I have at least two (arguably three) high power characters.

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