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Random RPG Thoughts

Lately I’ve been finding the tabletop part of my brain wandering over some random bits, but no single thoughts long enough for a column. I thought I’d put some bits together and see what happened.

– There are A LOT of opinions on D&D Next out there right now. Opinions are fine, great even. And while I ignore them for the most part, I don’t understand the fools who spend their time spouting “D&D NEXT IS GUNNA BLOWZ”.

Well. Thanks for that constructive input. I’m sure that kind of feedback is exactly the thing that will help mold D&D Next into the game you want it to be.

I follow a lot of people on the internet and Twitter who rail on D&D Next… but they’ve been part of the playtests and they back it up with thoughts and suggestions for improvement. They didn’t make a summary judgement on a product that HASN’T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET.

– If you’re running a game at a con, why wouldn’t you know the rules of the game you signed up to run? And if you’re gonna just copy pre-gens out of the the book, don’t you think maybe it would be a good idea to perhaps go over each of the pre-gens and their available equipment? Recently at a con a friend of mine picked up a pre-gen that was built to be a combat monster. The GM 1) didn’t know the general rules that well 2) didn’t realize the pre-gen had a rocket launcher 3) didn’t know the rules for the rocket launcher, 4) and then whined about it when my friend tried to use the weapon that was listed on his sheet. WTF? (For the record, it was brought up to one of the con organizers.)

– At the same con I overheard two guys trying to convince a third to create and write the RPG blog he had been talking about wanting to do. The guy hemmed and hawed, but then said he didn’t want to deal with people online being assholes. I kept my mouth shut because I thought turning around and saying “Listen Chucklenuts, when your balls drop and your spine grows in, let me know when you man the fuck up and post something” wouldn’t go over well.

Here’s a free tip: ANYTHING you post on the internet is gonna get criticized. That is a guarantee. You just ignore the assholes. I’ve had great conversations with people who didn’t agree with me at all. They were respectful, intelligent people, and had some valid points. If you’ve got something to say, just say it. You might be surprised at the results.

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