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Review of TPK Games’s The Ship of Fools

A word on my reviews. I won’t give out any major spoilers nor a whole lot of specific information. I prefer a bit of general information and some thoughts on the difficulty and flavor. Telling me “the end boss is hard” isn’t helpful. Telling me the module “could have a high mortality rate for unseasoned players” gives me what I need to judge it for my group. Also, it doesn’t give away any secrets for curious PCs.

This time I’m going to review TPK Games’s The Ship of Fools. This is a Pathfinder Compatible Adventure for 4-6 players of 5th-7th level.


It’s a basic setup: your players are on a ship and come across a derelict ship in the ocean. Five hooks, each with their own (surprisingly) detailed paragraph, are provided to help give your players a push if needed. Wizards and Alchemy are involved, but I can’t say much more than that for fear of spoilers. Just trust that when your players get on that ship things will not be all sunshine and rainbows.


If you’ve heard of TPK Games, you’ve probably know of their reputation for difficult scenarios. Traps, bad guys, and nasty surprises are all here, and the careless player will not survive. It’s not “Tomb of Horrors” difficult, but it’s not a cakewalk either. Not recommended for noobs.

Things I Liked:

– The writing is clear, concise, and effective. It gives you what you need and gets out of the way.

– The maps are very well done. There are smaller maps for the DM that are numbered to help you find the appropriate section in your book. There are detailed, printable 1” grid maps of the entire ship for the players. Most players will enjoy a map they can easily see rather than a hastily drawn DM scribble that vaguely looks like a ship.

– Helpful text. I like that they remind you in the first sentence of each a new section that there is Difficult Terrain or such instead of tossing it in as the end five paragraphs of descriptions and stats.

Things I Didn’t Like:

– It’s a minor gripe, but there are no page numbers. For example, in the Table of Contents the Galley is listed as 8. This means it corresponds to #8 on the DM map, and is the 8th thing described. It’s not difficult to find things, but page numbers could have made things a bit easier.

Score: 5 out of 5

If the biggest issue I can find in a module is a minor gripe about page numbering, that should tell you I’m feeling pretty positive about this product. The artwork is appropriate and well done. It is very well written. Like I said above, it gives you what you need and gets out of your way. No words are wasted and you won’t find an extra two paragraphs of description overkill. Well worth the purchase.

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  1. Brian BergNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the review Jim. We (TPK Games) have a great passion for our adventures, and a strong belief in the old-school fear of gaming. If you use your head, you can usually make it through our material alive, and with some exciting memories and tales to tell. That’s the spirit of gaming.

    Anyone interested can find our products on and, or follow the releases and chatter on

    Good gaming!

    -Brian “Necroblivion” Berg

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