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Some Blog Posts of Note

I’ve perused the internets and found a few RPG-related posts of note.

The Immaterial Plane is running a sort of informal Savage World Plot Point Campaign using Rory’s Story Cubes. If you’re not yet acquainted with Rory’s Story Cubes, they’re a collection of nine six-sided dice with various pictures on them. You can play several different simple story based games with them. My son and I roll the dice, and take turns grabbing one die and adding a bit to the story. This is a great idea for a contest, and some interesting campaign ideas might come out of it.

Glimm’s Workshop has an article on creating stories with unstoppable foes. Creating a story line that goes from fighting an invulnerable foe, to discovering/defeating his invulnerability to finally meeting him in combat again. It’s a fine example of turning combat into a story — as long as one is careful in designing the villain.

Bat in the Attic has a post that expands on Matt Finch’s Old School Gaming truism of Rulings not Rules which you’ll find in his OSR primer. The Bat talks about using existing rules in a rules-light game (Swords and Wizardry in this case) to help make rulings that will have consistency.

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  1. Kristian SerranoNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Rory’s Story Cubes Plot Point Campaign Challenge, Stu! Are you planning on participating?

    So far, I’ve got my notes on the metaphoric interpretations of the cube results, and my next plan is to make a list of the aspects of Eberron (my setting of choice for this endeavor) I could work into the PPC based on those results.

    After that, I’ll start outlining.

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