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Spread the word.

I had the opportunity to call into the recent live streaming episode of Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast and talk about something I was able to be a part of locally. I talked about Ed Healy and his new Gamerati Tour. Ed is all about supporting local gaming and actual brick and mortar game stores. He is like most of us, he just plain loves to game, and he wants to do whatever it takes to keep it going. By supporting your local store, you are in actuality supporting gaming in general. If your local store disappears, so does gaming. If you have nowhere to go to experience new games and styles of gaming, then the games will slowly fade away. Not to mention the fact that new blood will stop coming into the hobby without a place to play.

So that being said, I want you guys to do a few things here. First, do whatever you can do to support your local store. Whether it be running games for them, buying your books and supplies from them, getting other people to check them out, or even just stopping by from time to time to check the place out and show them that you appreciate what they do. The goal here is to keep the doors open and the gaming going. However you can do that, make it happen.

Second, go to the Gamerati Tour site at and throw some support Ed’s way with a little comment or maybe some cash. He’s got a lot of miles to cover and gas these days is not cheap. Help him help your local stores by giving him another gallon for his tank.

Last, spread the word. Contact the players in your group, the gamers on your Facebook, post to your blog, or toss out a tweet or two. Let people know that this thing is happening, and why its important. We all love gaming, and none of us wants to see the hobby whither away and die.

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SirGuido has been a Happy Jack's RPG fan since the first moment he heard Stu on Kicked in the Dicebags. He hopes one day that he will get to meet all of these great people and play lots of games with them.

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