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Streaming Call in Show Setup.

This is a blog post for one person. If you’re interested in how I set up our live-streaming call-in show, go ahead and read this. Otherwise, I’d just skip it.

Doing this show require two computers, because it require two audio inputs that will go through two different programs.

The Streaming Computer

Computer A (in this case my laptop) is used exclusively to stream the show to the listeners. I round the audio from my recording interface headphone jack (mine has two) to the audio in on Computer A. I select that audio input in the Mixlr application. To phrase it in a more complicated manner, I route the audio from the Master Bus (Analog Audio Outs 1 and 2) into the audio input on Computer A.

The Recording/Skype Computer

This is a little more complicated. Computer B is running both Pro Tools and Skype. It is set up to record the show normally, and the Audio Out (headphone out) ¬†from Computer B is routed to an Audio Input on my Pro Tools interface by way from an 1/8th” jack from the audio o to a 1/4″ adapter into a DI, and a mic cable into the interface. This gives me a track of audio from Skype.

Within Pro Tools, I make a track for this input (we’ll call it “Skype Audio In”).

Next, I take all tracks being recorded, EXCEPT Skype Audio In and round them to a 1-track Aux channel. I set the output of this Aux channel to one of the output channels on my audio interface. This single track (of all the hosts, but NOT the incoming Skype audio) is sent out through the Audio In on Computer B.

Now the person on Skype will hear all of the hosts, but not their own audio feeding back to them.

Then I pray I have enough bandwidth for the show.

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  1. RobertNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the detailed setup info. It seems Pro Tools is the part that controls every other part. I run all the mixing through a board, but you explaining your setup helps me visualize how I can do it with the equipment I have. Thanks a lot for your help. I know dick all about audio equipment and engineering, so I appreciate any knowledge thrown my way.

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