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I couldn’t agree less.

Tweet this is my response to a blog post on Gnome Stew. First, My Example “You’re walking through the ride, and you’re in the area with the fortune teller. That’s when you start noticing the bodies. Adults. Children. You hear some¬†retching¬†coming from behind one of the carts. “There a girl is sitting on the ground — maybe six or seven years old — next to the body of an older woman. The woman’s eyes have been gouged out. There’s blood and vomit running down the little girl’s chin and blouse. “There’s a partially chewed eyeball on the ground. She looks at you and says, ‘mommy’s eyeballs made me sick.’ ” That was my “Shit Just Got Real” moment in my Savage Worlds/Ghostbusters LA game. When I pitched the idea for the one-shot to the players, I told … Read entire article »

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