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Why Are You an Adventurer?

Tweet In our last episode of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast, we discussed player character backgrounds, what we want from them, what we use them for, etc. I put out the question: What do you as a GM want from a PC background — what question do you want answered. The most common response was, “why are you an adventurer?” And it makes sense. We as GMs are trying to understand the PCs and what makes them tick. More importantly, if we know why the PCs quit their 9-to-5s, left their families and road off into the sunset, we also know what the players are expecting or hoping for from the game. I started thinking of some reasons why someone would drop everything and go looking for adventurer. Some are common, some aren’t. Revenge. He says with a gravelly … Read entire article »

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One GM’s Perspective: What I Want from a PC Backstory

Tweet In the next episode of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast, we’re going to discuss PC backstories and the GMs who ignore them. As an adjunct to this discussion, I like to talk about my expectations and preferences for PC backstories. Obviously, since all GMs are different, have differing play styles, etc., this is my own list of things I like in backstories. It might not be a bad idea to get such a list from your own GM. Part One: Presentation Brevity. I prefer paragraphs to pages when it comes to backstory. Don’t write a novel — or even a novella or short story. Instead, give me a couple paragraphs I can breeze through. Even bullet points or number lists would be fine. General rather than Specific. The more general the information is in your backstory, the better chance … Read entire article »

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